Embracing Digital Transformation for Small Businesses
Embracing Digital Transformation for Small Businesses

“CanadianSME Small Business Show 2024 to Highlight the Critical Role of Digital Transformation in Small Business Success”

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, June 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The CanadianSME Small Business Show 2024 is powered by CanadianSME, a leading platform for small and medium-sized enterprises across Canada. This one-day in-person event, exclusively designed specifically for Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises, is due on June 24, 2024, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, Level 100. Please visit www.smeexpo.ca to register.

The CanadianSME Small Business Show 2024 is our commitment to continuing to support Canadian SMEs. Thus, this year’s theme, “Embracing Digital Transformation for Small Businesses,” stresses the unique challenges and opportunities that small businesses face in the digital era. As the Canadian business landscape changes rapidly with technological advancements, it’s essential for small businesses to adapt and thrive.

This event emphasizes the need for digital innovation to grow small businesses. Attendees will learn to integrate digital solutions into their infrastructure and create innovative long-term business growth plans. We cordially invite all small business owners to our business transformative event, which features best practices from different organizations and networking opportunities.

Don’t miss out on this year’s show! Our exceptional lineup of keynote speakers, workshops, and panel discussions on crucial topics such as Accelerating Success: Navigating Digital Transformation for SMEs, Mastering the Tech Triad: Navigating Cloud, AI, and Security in the Digital Age, and Fostering Inclusion: Building Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces are certain to make this event a memorable one. This is your chance to boost your business needs. Join us to benefit from the opportunity to grow and develop your business.

Core Topics for Panel Discussions :

  • Accelerating Success: Navigating Digital Transformation for SMEs: Understanding the essential steps and strategies for small businesses to implement and benefit from digital transformation successfully.
  • Mastering the Tech Triad: Navigating Cloud, AI, and Security in the Digital Age: Exploring the critical aspects of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, and how they can be leveraged to enhance business operations and security.
  • Fostering Inclusion: Building Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces: Strategies and best practices for creating diverse, inclusive workplaces that drive innovation and business success. You might want to check the list of speakers, and here’s a rundown of it.

Exclusive Keynotes:

  • “Leveraging Logistics for Digital Transformation” presented by Paul Gaspar, Director, Small Business, UPS® Canada.
  • “How to choose the right accountant to grow your business” led by Michael Mehr, Partner of Edmison Mehr Chartered Professional Accountants and Xero Ambassador.
  • “Achieving Growth as an SME in Canada” with Frank Vella, CEO of Constant Contact.
  • “Navigating Business Travel Challenges: Strategies for Small and Midsize Enterprises” by Tarandeep Singh, Regional VP – Commercial, Marketing & Revenue Management | IHG Canada.
  • “Transforming with Data: How to Optimize Operations and Drive Growth” will be presented by Ok Ikejiani, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of Red Thread Innovations.
  • “Top 3 lessons learned scaling from 1 to 25,000 customers” with Shrad Rao, CEO and Co-founder of Wagepoint & Laurinda Lee-Retter, Founder of Kind Karma Company.
  • “Digital Transformation: Empowering Small Businesses to Grow and Build Stronger Brands” by Olivia Cicchini, Employment Law Expert & Presenter at Peninsula Canada.
  • “SME and the Digital Age: How to ensure advances in digital technology work for you and not against you” will be led by Dave Smiderle, PhD, Associate Dean Humber College & Francis Syms, MASc, PEng, PMP Associate Dean Humber College.

Amazing Workshops:

  • Parthiban Dhakshnamurthy, Procurement Assistance Team Leader, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) – Procurement Assistance Canada – Ontario Region, will be delivering a workshop titled “How the federal government buys what you sell”
  • Georges Levesque, President at Levesque Negotiation, will help us “Learn to Negotiate in 30min”
  • Glen DaSilva, Distribution Account executive from Asus Canada, will lead a workshop called “ASUS SMB Solutions – Unlocking Incredible Possibilities”
  • Luis Santos, Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Specialist, Okta, will be delivering a workshop titled “Build the 360-degree view of the customer using Identity”
  • Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success, Constant Contact, will equip the attendees with “Email Marketing Must-Haves: Quick Tips for Lasting Success”
  • Roop Johal, Director of Partnerships at Small Business BC, will present the strategies for “Accessibility Awareness and Information for Small Businesses”
  • Olivia Cicchini, Employment Law Expert & Presenter at Peninsula Canada, will explore “Employment Lifecycle – From Hiring to Firing”
  • Anatoly Dvorkin, founder and CEO of HRC Law Professional Corporation, will dive deep into the world of terminating employees with his workshop, “Terminations Done Right.”

Join the Business Mixer Networking Event at the Small Business Show 2024!

Calling all SMB owners! You just can’t afford to miss the Business Mixer Networking event at the Small Business Show 2024. This event is a great opportunity is your chance to connect, share, and grow with fellow entrepreneurs. Forge valuable relationships, spark innovative ideas, and discover new paths to success. Register now and be part of a dynamic community dedicated to mutual growth and collaboration!

Visit smeexpo.ca to explore the full event schedule, and register now to ensure you don’t miss this chance to connect and grow!

Demo Stage Sessions:

  • “Rev Up Your H2 Sales Engine: Quick insights, better decisions with Maximizer Sales Leader Edition,” led by Victoria Hamilton, Account Executive at Maximizer.
  • Mandar Patel, CPA, CA President, SourceIn Canada, and CA Anand Sanghvi, Founder & CEO, SourceIn Canada, will present the demo session titled “SourceIN—Your Extended Financial Desk Drive Growth with Customized Accounting Solutions.”
  • “Tailored IT Solutions for SMBs from Pathway: Unlocking Efficiency, Growth and Security” will be delivered by Walter Zenko, Senior Vice President at Pathway Communications.
  • Leah Green – Sales Account Executive, Flawless Inbound & Liliane Youssef – President and Co-Founder at Flawless Inbound, will be leading “Sustainable Growth vs Growth at All Cost: What How to Think about Your Growth and Go To Market in 2024 and Beyond”.
  • “Simplifying Digital Transformation: Unlock Business Success with Inspiration Digital” by Dinesh Juneja, Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer at Inspiration Digital.

Sponsors and Partners:
The CanadianSME Small Business Show 2024 is thankful to its sponsors and partners, including:

  • Google – Tech Partner
  • UPS – Exclusive Shipping Partner
  • Xero – Exclusive Accounting Software Partner
  • Constant Contact – Exclusive Email Partner
  • Nexim Healthcare Consultants – Gold Partner
  • TD Bank – Gold Partner
  • Orna App – Silver Partner
  • Asus – Silver Partner
  • Okta – Silver Partner
  • Maximizer – Bronze Partner
  • BDC – Bronze Partner
  • Wagepoint – Keynote Sponsor
  • F12 – Bronze Partner
  • IHG – Exclusive Hospitality Partner
  • Peninsula – HR Partner
  • TMU – Panel Sponsor
  • Humber College – Keynote Sponsor
  • Red Thread Innovation – Keynote Sponsor
  • A1 Global – Registration Desk Sponsor
  • Green Shield – Titanium Sponsor

About CanadianSME Small Business Show:
Ultimately, the CanadianSME Small Business Show 2024 is a premier event where business owners can connect with over 2,000 industry professionals nationwide. Participants can share innovative ideas, gain knowledge, and showcase their best services and craftsmanship. The event’s agenda includes business expert workshops, keynote sessions hosted by industry leaders, and live Q&A sessions from expert CEOs. This is a great opportunity to get all your queries answered and to network with some of the biggest and most successful names from several industries.

To learn more, visit https://smeexpo.ca/.

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