Embark on a Literary Adventure at the 40th Street Fair of Miami Book Fair International 2023

Discover Diverse Narratives, Meet Renowned Authors, and Celebrate the Power of Stories

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , November 3, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Immerse yourself in the literary universe at the 40th Street Fair of the Miami Book Fair International 2023, scheduled from November 17th to 19th at Miami Dade College. This November, downtown Miami will transform into a haven for book lovers, hosting an array of esteemed authors who will delve into discussions ranging from politics to pop culture.

Since its inception in 1984 as “Books by the Bay,” the Fair has been a collaborative vision of luminaries like Miami-Dade College President, Eduardo J. Padrón, and Books & Books owner, Mitchell Kaplan. Their combined passion and dedication laid the foundation for what would become a premier literary event.

Over the decades, its reputation has soared, not just as a gathering of authors, but as a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and literary genres. It has become a beacon for literary enthusiasts, educators, and readers of all ages. Attracting authors from diverse regions, including the United States, Argentina, China, South Africa, and beyond, the Fair celebrates the universal power of stories and the voices that bring them to life.

The Street Fair, a three-day literary fiesta, is set to dazzle book lovers, showcasing everything from renowned publishing houses to rare manuscripts. With an array of panels, readings, and interactive sessions, attendees will have a myriad of opportunities to immerse themselves in the world of literature. The diverse selection ensures that there’s something for everyone, regardless of genre preference.

As the dates draw near, we’re buzzing with excitement to spotlight a curated list of phenomenal authors. While some will grace us with their presence, others will shine through their incredible works.

Featured Authors and Their Works:

1. Brandon Greenway—The Next Adventure of Foot, Footfoot, and Footfootfoot
2. Causten E. Meaux Sr.—Spoken: Meditation From the Heart
3. Cheryl Batavia—Earthly Days
4. Claudette Carter—Walker’s Way: How Are You Walking In Your Life?
5. Darcy Kuehn—Lost and Found
6. Doretta Whalen—Discovering St. Anthony: Portugal to Padua
7. Dr. Arnold Thompson—Why Do Birds Fly?
8. Dr. Bridgette Y. Williams—The Shepherd’s Pie
9. Dr. Gail Davis—The War on Health
10. Dr. Robert “Bart” Barthelemy—GodLight: Possibilities from the Intersections of Science and Spirituality
11. Dr. Salvatore J. Forcina, M.D. —The American Doctor
12. Dr. Virginia Crist—How to Keep Love Alive At Any Age
13. Eileen Tanaka-Sylvia—It’s Okay, I Toot Too!
14. Fr. Ronald Walter Ramson—Spiritual Hors d’oeuvres: …whet your spirituality…
15. Garth Gilchrist—The Mountains Within / Poems of the Wild
16. Gilda Bolton—Tha Doggfather
17. Helen Laib—Following Jesus: A Medical Missionary’s Journal
18. Joan Cantrell—Mystery at the Circus
19. Joana Biekro—Lost and Found: Finding Rest in the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ
20. Judith Vander Wege—Songs & Poems from a Yielded Heart
21. Juli-Ann Gasper—Way Up North Where the Kittiwakes Play: An A to Z Alphabet Book for Child and Adult
22. Kathleen Devine—Preparing for the Shift
23. Kathleen Whitham—How Gobbly Gobbler and Friends Worked Together to Make a Delicious Dinner
24. Kathy Alexis—My Book of Bible Verses & Daily Prayers
25. Machael LaShaunda—Know Your Judas
26. Marielle de Vassoigne—Choosing Love Over Pride: The Sequel to New Beginning in Vancouver (Vol 2.)
27. Michael Yenny/Lenora Yenny—I Told You So
28. Mozella Mitchell—Yea, Lord! Moving with the Spirit: Fifty Years a Minister and a Scholar to the Glory of God
29. Patti Cordano Smith—The Shingle Weaver’s Picnic
30. Peter Churan
—The Last Cupbearer
—The Mystery of the Ancient Cup
31. Richard Kammen—Tortured Justice, Guantanamo Bay
32. Roberta “Jan” Keegan—As Christ Is My Example: A Daily Walk in Faith with Christ
33. Ron Cruse—Lies, Bribes & Peril: Lessons for the REAL Challenges of the Global Arena
34. Ruth Stanley—A Different Type of Bombshell: The Tin Hats’ Journey Through World War II
35. Sara Williams—One Big Itch
36. Sharon Eccleston—In the Presence of Light
37. Sylvia Stachura—A Precious Commodity
38. Vivianne Messier —How I Did It!: Gently, Simply, Realistically and for Good! My weight loss journey from type 2 diabetes to optimal health
39. William Epps Jr.—Living in a Dying Land
40. Dr. Margaret P. Price—My Incredible Life’s Journey: Yes, You Also Can Make One
41. Kimberly Adams
—Five Mile Charlie: A Special Pony for Carly
—Five Mile Charlie: Charlie Goes to the Library
—Five Mile Charlie: A Five Mile Christmas
—Five Mile Charlie: The Return of Farmer Bud
42. Glen Olsen—Desperate Endeavor

Be part of this literary spectacle and feel the magic as stories leap off the pages. The Miami Book Fair International (MBFI) is more than an event; it’s where stories come alive, authors inspire, and a shared love for literature binds us all.

Circle the dates for this grand literary fest at the 40th Street Fair of MBFI 2023. Step into a realm where every story is an adventure waiting to be explored.

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