Dr. Shilpa Wadhwa Joins SuccessBooks® and Lisa Nichols to Co-Author Empowering Book, “Against All Odds”

Dr. Shilpa Wadhwa

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, March 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Shilpa Wadhwa has signed a publishing deal with SuccessBooks® to co-author the eagerly awaited book, “Against All Odds,” alongside an exceptional team of authors, including the esteemed Lisa Nichols.

Scheduled for release in the Summer of 2024, “Against All Odds” promises to be a compelling read, offering narratives of resilience, fortitude, and tenacity that will inspire and uplift readers worldwide.

Dr. Shilpa Wadhwa is an award-winning expert in subconscious therapy, a transformational leader, and the founder of Soul Worthy Transformations, with a worldwide network of clients. Her mission is to empower every woman in the world to realize, at a profound soul level, that they are worthy and deserving of everything they desire.

Since 2020, Dr. Shilpa has been transforming lives by helping people overcome inner wounds, blocks, and trauma that hinder their success in life, love, and business. She is globally recognized as a leading expert in self-worth and soulful success.

Dr. Shilpa has dedicated her life to helping female entrepreneurs heal their subconscious blocks to self-worth, wealth, and success, enabling them to confidently charge what they deserve and show up authentically as powerful leaders in their industry. Leveraging her sharp intuitive skills, she quickly identifies the root cause of her client’s issues and collapses timelines, facilitating healing and shifts in a matter of weeks, unlike traditional therapy which takes years.

She is among the first few certified in Rapid Transformation Therapy and India’s first HeartHealing practitioner. Dr. Shilpa is a recognized name in the well-being industry and was honored with the ‘Women Who Lead’ national award presented by the Hon’ble Minister of State Women & Child Development Govt. of India in 2021 for her work in mental health. She was also listed in the top 20 women entrepreneurs disrupting their industries in 2021 and won the Indian Women Achievers award in 2022 and 2023.

Dr. Shilpa Wadhwa realized that the missing link to having the life you truly deserve is feeling worthy of having it all. She is determined to help as many women as possible up-level their self-worth, break the cycle, and heal generational patterns, the ripple effects of which will impact all those around them as well as future generations to come.

Based in India, Dr. Shilpa balances her roles as a loving wife and devoted mother to Aryaa and Avir. They are her world and her driving force in the quest to heal intergenerational wounds. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to her favorite city, LA, where you can find her unwinding with a glass of Prosecco, basking in the coastal vibes and ocean views.

For more information, visit Dr. Shilpa Wadhwa’s website at www.drshilpawadhwa.com or connect with her on Instagram at @drshilpawadhwa.

SuccessBooks® extends a warm welcome to Dr. Shilpa as a co-author of “Against All Odds”. Stay tuned for the release of this transformative book, poised to captivate and empower audiences with the collective stories of Dr. Shilpa Wadhwa, Lisa Nichols, and other exceptional co-authors.

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