Dr. Roberto G. Mixco’s “ONE (UNO)” Revolutionizes Stroke Recovery

Author Roberto G. Mixco, MD, Introduces Innovative One-Handed Sign Language for Stroke Survivors and Offers a Ray of Hope for Recovery

UNITED STATES, March 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned neurologist and author, Dr. Roberto G. Mixco, introduces a groundbreaking tool for stroke patients and their families in his latest book, “ONE (UNO).” This innovative work aims to bridge the gap in communication for those who have suffered strokes, offering them a renewed sense of connection and hope. Dr. Roberto G. Mixco is a board-certified neurologist, originally from El Salvador. He completed his neurology training in the USA, including a neurophysiology fellowship at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. In 1988, he began his private practice in Central Florida, where he has since dedicated his career to helping patients with neurological conditions. Married for 43 years, his wife Eva Marie served as the editor of the book. They have three grown children and five cherished grandchildren.

“ONE (UNO)” is a revolutionary resource designed to empower stroke patients who have lost their ability to speak but retain comprehension (known as expressive aphasia). Dr. Mixco presents an ingenious one-handed sign language system that provides a lifeline for patients and their families. With the help of approximately 100 pictures, this book guides readers through a comprehensive set of signs, each meticulously explained in both English and Spanish.

Recognizing the vital role of speech therapists in a patient’s recovery journey, Dr. Mixco suggests that this book should also be targeted at these healthcare professionals. By equipping speech therapists with this invaluable tool, patients can receive immediate support during the crucial early stages of their recovery when communication is most critical.

The central message of “ONE (UNO)” is one of hope and empowerment. Dr. Mixco’s book serves as a beacon of light for individuals whose lives have been impacted by strokes or similar conditions that affect their ability to speak. It is a resource that can rekindle the flames of communication, understanding, and connection in their lives.

“If you or a loved one are struggling with a condition that impairs your ability to speak, but your comprehension remains intact, this book is for you,” says Dr. Mixco, emphasizing the book’s universal applicability to those facing communication challenges.

“ONE (UNO)” is set to make a significant impact in the USA and Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico and Spain, where the need for such a resource is substantial.

According to Internet depending what source you look over 45 countries official language is English, other sources describe 67 countries, but is clear over 1 Billion people in the world speak English, now Spanish over 20 countries and about 500 million people in the word speak Spanish

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