Discover the Symphony of the Savannah in Michele Campanelli’s “Music at the Watering Hole”


SHERIDAN, WYOMING, USA, December 13, 2023 / — In the heart of Africa’s savannah, where the sun scorches the earth and the watering hole is a refuge for all, a lovely and unexpected symphony is about to begin. New York Times Bestselling Author Michele Wallace Campanelli invites readers of all ages to experience the enchanting tale of “Music at the Watering Hole.”

Published by Sloth Dreams Books & Publishing, LLC, this heartwarming story unfolds as a box of musical instruments falls off a tourist bus, inhabited by a vibrant mix of African wildlife. Led by Kojo the Lion, the King of Africa, the animals—predators and prey alike—come together to form a unique symphony orchestra.

Illustrated by KeriAnne Jelinek, the book is an extraordinary celebration of unity and diversity, showcasing how music can bridge the deepest of differences. Characters like Jengo the tortoise, Tafari the giraffe, and Emeka the elephant, each find their rhythm in this musical adventure, teaching readers about various symphony orchestra instruments in an enjoyable and educational way.

Praised for its educational and entertaining value, the book has been reviewed by The Moving Words as a “heartwarming tale on the power of music.” The review highlights the book’s ability to introduce children to various symphony orchestra instruments in an enjoyable way, making it an invaluable addition to any young reader’s collection.

This tale is not just a story; it’s an experience. Accompanying the book is a Virtual Family Concert as seen on YouTube, where families can enjoy the story’s themes and music, further bringing the story to life.

“Music at the Watering Hole” is a must-have for schools, libraries, and homes, perfect for teaching children about the beauty of music, the joy of collaboration, and the universal language that knows no boundaries. Let the harmonies of the savannah resonate in your heart as you dive into this magical tale of friendship, music, and peace.

Available now at Amazon. Join the journey and let the music play!

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Music at the Watering Hole: A Virtual Family Concert

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