Coyote Shaman Juliet Trnka Guides Readers to Mystical Wealth and Manifestation in New Book

Being Medicine: A Shamanic Guide to Mystical Wealth + Manifestation by Juliet Trnka

Being Medicine invites readers to explore authenticity and abundance.

We must be willing to become something unknown to our current selves. This is the adventure and the gamble.”

— Juliet Trnka

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2023 / — Being Medicine is a portal through which reader’s years of seeking and searching for authenticity, systemic abundance and The Mystery are held to the light of poetry, presence and guided experimentation. Coyote Shaman Juliet Trnka weaves a support structure for powerful and wild women in navigating the often unfamiliar terrain of uncompromised creativity, dream medicine and embodied manifestation. Trnka’s work centers on supporting women in living fully, unapologetically and abundantly through intimate partnership with multidimensional, sacred tools.

With over twenty years of shamanic work and coaching under her belt, Trnka has in depth experience with navigating unknown terrain and guiding individual’s to embrace the adventure of becoming something new. This book is the culmination of her experiences in which she writes to honor the coyote dreams within reader’s that have gone unheard and unfollowed until now.

Being Medicine is Trnka’s guide to living a manifested and empowered life.

Excerpt from the book:

“To live a manifested life is the end of codependency. It is the end of scarcity. It is taking full responsibility for your life and reality. Not responsibility as in burden or guilt, but becoming accountable to the power that dwells within you. It is a transcendent way of living where you are no longer trying to please mommy or daddy, or whatever you have projected mommy or daddy onto. You no longer seek self-worth and belonging by fitting into any sort of outer narrative. You live by your own law.”

Juliet Trnka has written an invaluable shamanic navigational tool that makes a manifested life of abundance, magic and power accessible to all readers.

Being Medicine: A Shamanic Guide to Mystical Wealth + Manifestation by Juliet Trnka is published by Muse Literary and will be released on Monday November 13, 2023.

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