Award Winning NYC Chef Has Cookbook Released

Cover of Chef Vincent Tropepe’s cookbook ROOTS: Unlocking The Potential and Discovering The Delicious In All Natural Ingredients

Life long New Yorker Chef Vincent Tropepe has cookbook released titled ROOTS: Unlocking The Potential & Discovering The Delicious In All Natural Ingredients

I am extremely proud that ROOTS is my first cookbook. I know that so many people can benefit from this cookbook from how I designed it from the very beginning.”

— Chef Vincent Tropepe

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 15, 2023/ — For the last twenty years, Brooklyn born and raised Vincent Tropepe has been lifting eyebrows and tantalizing tastebuds from even the earliest days of his career. Tropepe has always had the mindset that differentiating yourself from others in the job market is a key to steady employment as well as the development of techniques and a working knowledge of ingredients.

Known for fluently cooking thirteen cuisines with precision, and creativity while keeping authentic notes of the culture. Main Entree Publishing has continued its longstanding relationship with the five time gold medalist with his first cookbook titled ROOTS: Unlocking The Potential & Discovering The Delicious In All Natural Ingredients.

The cookbook which covers six cuisines, contains 230 recipes, and over 100 full color photos and accommodates all skill levels of home cooks. Broken down into ten chapters according to vegetable, Chef Tropepe takes the home cook on a culinary journey without leaving their home. The vegetables chosen by the chef are deliberate as they are economical and readily available making the book consumer friendly. ROOTS is vegan and vegetarian friendly as well as contains all major proteins. ROOTS also contains a wide variety of dessert recipes that use the vegetable as its main ingredient. Some dessert examples are Butternut Squash brownies, Garlic Maple Chocolate Chip cookies, Red Beet and Cream Cheese Swirl bread and Golden Beet and Orange Bundt cake to name a few.

“As a chef, it is a part of my job to show people the potential of ingredients that they couldn’t identify on their own. For me to have people engage with food items that they are familiar with like a burger for example, and then for me to make a burger out of red beets, Feta cheese and herbs and spices it allows them to have the familiarity of a burger and the confidence to try something new. Additionally, an underlying objective of the book is to find creative ways for parents and guardians to include fun new ways to incorporate vegetables into the diets of young people. I am very proud of this book and what it offers – now it is in the hands of the people.” Chef Tropepe said.

Chef Tropepe is a graduate of The New York Restaurant School and The Art Institute of New York City, where he received top honors in the culinary arts fron the state of New York. Vincent’s first professional job was at Alain at the Essex House working under Chef Ducasse. After mastering the art of poaching pears ( a revered dessert item from the Alain Ducasse menu.), Vincent continued to work in a variety of top tier restaurants expanding his knowledge of various ethnic cuisines. Vincent has worked at The Rainbow Room, Chanterlle, The 21 Club, One If By Land Two If By Sea, and the famed Chinese restaurant Mr. K’s.

While making a name for himself in these acclaimed kitchens in New York in 2002 he was asked to be the consulting chef to Madre’s in Pasadena, California (for the first restaurant owned by actress/singer Jennifer Lopez) he would the consult for Tony May at SD26 and many other celebrities who opened food service establishments with Chef Tropepe as their culinary counterpart.

Throughout his years in the kitchen, Chef Tropepe has cooked for many celebrities and public figures including but not limited to Luciano Pavarotti, former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani, Yankee Hall of Famers Phil Rizzutto and Yogi Berra, Adele, Regis Philbin, Michael Jackson, Tony Bennett, Joan Rivers, Robin Williams, Elton John, Billy Joel as well as four United States Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter post presidency and George W. Bush and Barack Obama while in office aboard Air Force One for domestic flights on a per diem basis.

Chef Tropepe had three previous books released nationwide “In My Whites: A Matter of Culinary Perspective” (2016); “SLAUGHTERED: How Inconsistent Lock downs Collapsed The Hospitality Industry During COVID-19” (2021); “ROASTED, CHOPPED & BEATEN: When Cities Declare War On The Restaurants That Feed Them” (2022).

Chef Tropepe is scheduled to be on a full fledged book tour for ROOTS that include but are not limited to the following appearances The Hudson Valley Food and Wine Fest Rhinebeck, NY; The Bergen County Food and Wine Experience River Vale, NJ; Country Pointe Country Club Plainview, NY; Food Network’s New York Wine and Food Fest New York City, NY; The Lamb and Wool Show Rhinebeck, NY; Symposia Book Store Hoboken, NJ; InFlavour Food Conference Saudi Arabia; Provincetown Food and Wine Show Provincetown, MA; East End Books Provincetown, MA; Book Mark Book Shoppe Brooklyn, NY; Galleria Mall Poughkeepsie, NY; Dessert Wars National Championships Atlanta, GA; Third Space Kitchen & Event Groton, MA. Dates in other cities will be added once confirmed such as Las Vegas and Philadelphia

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