Author-Narrated Edition Now Available on YouTube

Discover calm together: A heartwarming story teaching kids and parents a simple, effective technique to tackle stress, one breath at a time.

“Anxious Alan” is now on YouTube, narrated by the author! Dive into a story of overcoming anxiety, accessible to all.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, February 2, 2024 / — Responding to widespread demand, we are thrilled to announce the release of “Anxious Alan” on YouTube, narrated by none other than its author, Dr. Andrew Ritcheson. This new auditory experience brings the beloved story of Alan, the anxious groundhog, and his journey towards managing anxiety with the help of his friend Sloane, to listeners around the globe.

The author’s narration adds a personal touch to the tale, allowing audiences to connect with the story on a deeper level. Through the power of voice, Dr. Ritcheson’s passion for helping children navigate the complexities of anxiety and stress is palpably conveyed, enriching the listener’s experience.

“Anxious Alan” has already made significant strides in empowering children and adults alike with practical tools for emotional resilience having reached #5 in Amazon’s Best Sellers list. The YouTube edition opens new avenues for accessibility, ensuring that this important message can reach a wider audience, free of charge.

We invite educators, parents, caregivers, and children to immerse themselves in the comforting narrative of “Anxious Alan,” now available for streaming. Join Alan on his journey to understanding and mastering his emotions, narrated by the very person who brought his story to life.

For more information and to experience “Anxious Alan” on YouTube click here.

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