Author Corrina Murdoch Unveils Thrilling New Novel “Inconceivable”

Corrina Murdoch


UNITED STATES, April 24, 2024 / — Author Corrina Murdoch delves into the depths of the human psyche with her latest release, “Inconceivable.” This gripping narrative intertwines the lives of four individuals ensnared by a malevolent force, weaving a tale of suspense, mystery, and existential introspection.

Set against the backdrop of contemporary societal debates, “Inconceivable” follows the intertwined fates of Theresa, a serial abortionist spreading chaos; Felicity, an OBGYN haunted by her past; James, a psychiatrist grappling with faith; and a philosophy student seeking existential clarity. As Felicity and James confront Theresa’s resurgence, they embark on a frantic quest for truth, racing against time to decipher the web of insanity before more lives are claimed.

Drawing upon her background as a news reporter and freelance writer, Corrina Murdoch infuses “Inconceivable” with a potent blend of suspense and social commentary. With a lifelong passion for the written word, Murdoch utilizes hyperbole to encourage readers to explore darker aspects of discourse from a safe distance.

Explaining her motivation behind the book, Murdoch states, “I wanted to contribute to some of the most important conversations of our time: the abortion debate, mental health, and free will. By employing fiction narrative, I aimed to create an enjoyable, thrilling book that invites readers to consider different perspectives.”

Readers of “Inconceivable” are not only treated to a riveting mystery but also presented with an opportunity for open discourse on increasingly relevant topics. Through extreme characters and situations, Murdoch prompts readers to reflect on the corrosive power of obsession, the labyrinth of paranoia, and the enigmatic concept of free will.

Corrina Murdoch is no stranger to thought-provoking storytelling, having previously penned the acclaimed novel “God Complex.” With “Inconceivable,” she continues to captivate audiences with her distinctive voice and penchant for weaving intricate narratives that resonate long after the final page.

“Inconceivable” can be purchased on Amazon and various other online retailers. To learn more about Corrina Murdoch and her works, please visit her Amazon Page, Facebook, Twitter @MurdochCorrina, Instagram @corrinathewriter, and LinkedIn.

Accompanying the publication is a Cinematic Book Video trailer providing a glimpse into a captivating story of “Inconceivable.” Watch it here:

Corrina Murdoch is a lifelong writer with a passion for exploring meaningful conversations through fiction, Murdoch’s novels delve into complex social issues while delivering gripping narratives that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

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