Acclaimed Author Ron Cruse to Spotlight “Lies, Bribes & Peril” at Miami Book Fair International 2023

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Lies, Bribes, & Peril

Lies, Bribes, & Peril by Ron Cruse

Delve into the intricacies of global challenges with Ron Cruse at MBFI 2023 through his enlightening narrative.

A captivating blend of insightful lessons and engaging storytelling. Ron Cruse’s work is a true gem”

— L. A. Dickinson

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2023 / — The highly anticipated Miami Book Fair International (MBFI) is just around the corner, poised to bring together a captivating array of literary works from renowned authors around the world. Among the esteemed participants, Ron Cruse takes the stage with his acclaimed masterpiece, “Lies, Bribes, & Peril: Lessons for the REAL Challenges of the Global Arena.”

Cruse, a seasoned explorer of cultural nuances, sheds light on the origins and intricacies of these distinctions that may appear peculiar to the average American. Drawing inspiration from his encounters with extraordinary individuals—a compassionate Sudanese, a Harvard-educated Saudi, a wise Masai guide, a Russian babushka, an enterprising Iraqi driver, a knowledgeable Chinese daoyou, and many others—Cruse emphasizes the pivotal role of cultural understanding in achieving success on the global stage.

In “Lies, Bribes, & Peril,” readers embark on a transformative journey, uncovering invaluable life lessons often overlooked or misunderstood. This enlightening book serves as an indispensable guide for those seeking to flourish in any endeavor, anywhere in the world.

With numerous glowing reviews, “Lies, Bribes, & Peril” has garnered a perfect five-star rating from readers. Praise for the book includes:

“An enlightening narrative that imparts practical lessons on conducting business in foreign countries. Ron Cruse’s storytelling prowess, coupled with his wealth of experience, makes this book a must-read for anyone venturing into international business.”
– Alice Kachejian

“A captivating blend of insightful lessons and engaging storytelling. Ron Cruse’s work is a true gem.”
– L. A. Dickinson

“A riveting account of global business and cultural engagement, infused with firsthand experiences. This book equips readers with invaluable lessons that can be immediately applied.”
– D. Lawrence

Kirkus Book Reviews describes “Lies, Bribes, & Peril” as, “an enthusiastic and insightful chronicle of international business, offering valuable instructions for navigating diverse cultures.”

Ron Cruse’s commitment to fostering international understanding makes this book a precious addition to any collection. Those attending the MBFI will have the exceptional opportunity to engage directly with him and delve deeper into the lessons he shares.

Come join Ron Cruse at the MBFI this November and embark on a transformative journey that highlights the importance of cultural understanding in the global context.

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