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African American Crossword Puzzles and Other Word Games + Sudoku V1.5

UNITED STATES, June 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Longtime puzzle constructor Ophelia R. M. Banks unveils her latest, thought-provoking work, “African American Crossword Puzzles and Other Word Games + Sudoku,” offering audiences a captivating blend of entertainment, education, and cultural enlightenment. This innovative book is an ode to the rich body of African American historical, cultural, scientific, political, and other achievements through a variety of engaging puzzles.

Embracing a theme in each puzzle, her latest work promises an immersive journey through recent events and pivotal moments in Black culture. From Barack Obama’s historic ascendancy to the presidency to Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter to the groundbreaking appointment of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, each crossword puzzle and word game explores significant milestones and personalities within the African American community.

Edited by Jerry Grayson, the book’s crosswords follow a standard, symmetrical format, challenging enthusiasts while offering an enjoyable experience. Alongside these, readers can work on search puzzles, crisscross puzzles, cryptic quotations, and logic problems. This edition also introduces a diverse range of sudoku puzzles, catering to varying difficulty levels from “very easy” to “hard.”

“African American Crossword Puzzles and Other Word Games + Sudoku” celebrates accomplishment, heritage, resilience, and innovation. Whether solving crosswords or deciphering encrypted texts, readers are invited to engage with the rich culture of African American history in an entertaining and enlightening manner.

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About the Author

Ophelia R. M. Banks, though initially not considering herself a crossword constructor, discovered her talent when her niece requested a personalized crossword puzzle as a birthday gift. Despite the challenge, Ophelia persisted and eventually completed the puzzle by recognizing letter patterns and undergoing trial and error.

After enrolling at Fort Valley State University and Dillard University, R.M. set to the course that seemed to call her to raise a family (“her most important puzzle”) and pursue her passion for working with special needs.

She found joy in the process of creating puzzles, leading her to pursue further knowledge and eventually develop puzzles for local newspapers and regional magazines. Ophelia remains dedicated to her family and her work with special needs children. Her journey highlights the unexpected paths to success and the fulfillment of discovering hidden talents.

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