22 Salute CEO Eric Ranks Opens Up About Health Struggles and the Growth of his Company

Eric Ranks, CEO 22 Salute Spirits & Coffee ‘With a Purpose’

Boundless Success with Eric Ranks - Available for purchase on Amazon

Boundless Success with Eric Ranks – Available for purchase on Amazon

Eric Ranks - Logos

Eric Ranks – Logos

Eric Ranks describes health struggles he endured that led to creating a Double Gold and four time award winning vodka brand.

OGDEN, UT, USA, May 11, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Eric Ranks recently shared details about his own health issues in his life that led to creating his award winning vodka, 22 Salute Vodka ‘With A Purpose’. Eric was diagnosed with leukemia before age 6, then struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts throughout his life. After his divorce, he nearly ended his life with an accidental overdose of antidepressants.

In 2015, Eric suffered internal bleeding and was rushed to the ER for life saving blood transfusions. He was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and with the help of a ketogenic diet, was able to stabilize his condition. The next few years would again challenge Eric’s spirit as he faced a ruptured esophagus and survived a life threatening surgery.

Eric was initially drawn to the topic of veteran health after managing a team of employees that had served overseas. He also watched in anger as the VA refused to cover injuries caused by Agent Orange to a friend. Eric had been raised in a military family and in 2012, he left corporate America and started a non profit, The Veteran’s Connection. Its initial mission was to help speed up the process to help veterans receive their benefits.

Since 2020, Eric has dedicated his efforts to suicide prevention and veteran support with The Veterans Connection and 22 Salute Spirits and Coffee ‘With A Purpose’. You can click on the one-minute video within this press release from NBC affiliate KRNV News 4 out of Reno, NV to learn more about these organizations and his journey.

Eric’s mission was forged by his many health scares and it gave him a vision of what his life should be: dedication to helping others in need. Where most people would find struggle with health issues, it gave Eric purpose.

“I have been through many challenges, including health scares, an accidental overdose and a surgery that nearly cost me my life. I want to encourage all veterans and first responders to keep fighting. I believe in you.” – Eric Ranks, CEO of 22 Salute Spirits and Coffee

Discover the inspiring health journey and philanthropic passion of Eric Ranks, founder of The Veterans Connection and 22 Salute Spirits & Coffee ‘With a Purpose’, in his new book “Boundless Success with Eric Ranks.” The book offers a deep dive into Eric’s personal story, detailing how his health experiences shaped his commitment to serving and supporting veteran and first responder communities nationwide.

To discover the transformative narrative of Eric Ranks, readers are invited to delve into “Boundless Success with Eric Ranks,” now available for purchase on Amazon. Secure your copy today at https://a.co/d/72Qrs0s.

For further information about Eric Ranks, his book, or his extraordinary organizations, please visit: EricRanks.com.

Join us in celebrating Eric’s empowering journey and his ongoing efforts to make a profound difference in the lives of veterans and first responders nationwide.

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About 22 Salute Spirits & Coffee ‘With a Purpose’:
22 Salute Spirits & Coffee ‘With a Purpose’ is an award winning socially conscious enterprise committed to reducing veteran and first responder suicides. Through the sale of their multiple award-winning products and strategic partnerships, they raise awareness and funds to support vital mental health programs and resources for those who have dedicated their lives to serving our country. Learn more at 22salute.com

About The Veterans Connection:
The Veterans Connection (TVC) is a dedicated non-profit organization committed to providing essential resources for mental health, PTSD, and suicide prevention to every Veteran who has served our country. With a strong focus on serving Military Veterans and First Responders facing mental health challenges, TVC aims to facilitate a seamless transition back into society. Through a comprehensive four-phase approach, TVC works to improve the quality of life for Veterans. They connect Veterans with a supportive community, empower them by meeting basic needs, align them with vetted alternative healing solutions, and provide access to programs that foster career, vocational, and financial growth. TVC is steadfast in its mission to ensure that Veterans receive the support they deserve and can thrive in their post-service lives. Learn more at Theveteransconnection.org

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Taylor Burke with KRNV 4 NBC Reno for featuring Eric Ranks, CEO of the Social Enterprise 22 Salute Spirits & Coffee ‘With a Purpose’

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