Spigen Released ArcPLAY for Gamers Who Want a Fast Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Oct 18, 2023

Spigen ArcPLAY is one of the fastest gaming keyboards which can speed up both scan and polling rate up to 8,000Hz.

World-renowned brand Spigen released a real dual 8K mechanical gaming keyboard: Spigen ArcPLAY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

The most unique point of the Spigen ArcPLAY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is speed. With Spigen’s Dynamic Pipeline Technology, which is an optimizing technology exclusive for ArcPLAY to process efficiently, the Spigen ArcPLAY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is able to support 8,000Hz of both polling and scan rate in order to operate more quickly than other mechanical gaming keyboards.

ArcPLAY uses Cherry MX RGB Brown Switch, which is a high-quality switch from one of the most renowned brands in the industry, guaranteeing 100 million keystrokes. The keycaps are also made through the double shot PBT process and feature premium PU foam for sound absorption to satisfy gamers using the Spigen ArcPLAY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. 

“Spigen always focuses on making customer-oriented products,” says Joe Bae, the director of Spigen’s ArcTech Department. “Spigen ArcPLAY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will be a great tool for gamers to seize victory.” 

Product Features:
– 8,000Hz polling and scan rate.
– Cherry MX Brown Switch: 100 million keystrokes guaranteed.  
– Double shot PBT keycaps: Precise finish to withstand your energy. 
– Multi-function dial key: 5 features (volume, media, scroll, screen brightness, keyboard brightness) to control conveniently. 
– Superior sound absorption: Using premium PU foam to satisfy user experience.
– RGB light: Total 11 effect and surrounded RGB light. 
– ArcPLAY HIVE: Exclusive software for ArcPLAY.

Experience the Spigen ArcPLAY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, available on Amazon.

Buy the Spigen ArcPLAY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on Amazon.

About Spigen:
With over 15 years of experience in the case-making industry, Spigen has grown to be a leader in mobile accessories. The company prides itself on being “something you want,” constantly striving to create high-quality products at an affordable price. For more information about Spigen and its products, please visit their website.

Source: Spigen

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