New fiction, “Manhattan Manhunt” from George O’Donnell and Kelly Emmanuel draws on real-life 1993 arrest of international jewel thieves tied to funding the Bosnian War

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May 17, 2023 13:23 EDT

Nearly 30 years after a crucial arrest that tied a string of burglaries to the Bosnian War, retired Port Authority of New York and New Jersey K9 Police Officer George O’Donnell and his daughter, Kelly Emanuel, have written a fictional crime novel that describes the intensive police manhunt for the thieves alongside the inner workings of the crime organization. “Manhattan Manhunt” is the first full-length novel for both authors.

“Manhattan Manhunt” is a fictional crime novel inspired by retired Port Authority K-9 Police Officer George O’Donnell’s work while stationed at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York City. In 1993, O’Donnell and his partner, a King Shepherd named Billion, captured 3 international jewel thieves in midtown Manhattan. NYPD detectives told George O’Donnell this arrest was instrumental for the NYPD, FBI, and Interpol to catch the masterminds behind highly sophisticated paramilitary-style burglaries in New York City and throughout the United States. The suspects were later tied to the YACS, an organized crime ring that helped fund the Bosnian War and sought to replace the Italian mafia after their “Pizza Connection” case convictions. 

While names, identifying characteristics, and other plot details have been changed, “Manhattan Manhunt” is a fantastic tale of police work in action. The novel weaves together two storylines: the first follows Detective Walsh and members of the NYPD task force investigating a series of jewelry store break-ins while the second follows a crime family working under “the Bard”. In this back-and-forth narrative, the reader gets to see the twists and turns of the police investigation and the methods used by the Albanian mafia to commit these robberies. “Manhattan Manhunt” draws readers into the minds of the central players all involved. This novel will keep readers hooked to the end with its fascinating tales of determination and bravery and deception and betrayal.

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