Introducing Background Removal Technology: Transforming Visual Content for Travel, Tourism, and Attractions

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Mar 5, 2024

The addition of Background Removal to the Perfectly Clear imaging suite combines professional-quality image corrections with extraction to provide the best image possible

EyeQ Imaging Inc. (EyeQ), an innovator in imaging solutions, proudly announces the integration of Background Removal technology into the Perfectly Clear image enhancement suite. This powerful tool is designed to remove and extract backgrounds for businesses in the travel, tourism, and attractions sectors. Accessible through the Web API, it seamlessly integrates into existing workflows.

Brad Malcolm, CEO and co-founder of EyeQ, emphasized the professional-grade results achieved by pairing Background Removal with automatic photo correction. “Not only is our solution reliable and fast, but it also enables companies to enhance their visual content, driving increased photo sales and setting them apart from the competition.”

Tailored to meet the unique visual demands of the travel, tourism, and attractions industries, the Perfectly Clear Background Removal technology stands out for its versatility. There are no limitations to the types of backgrounds that can be removed – from outdoor landscapes to plain backdrops. This advanced technology ensures seamless removal, providing unparalleled flexibility and visual enhancement. Further improvements are in the pipeline, including enhanced quality for green screen extraction in studio portraits.

Background Removal is now available in the Cloud-based Web API solution, with pricing starting at just $.15 USD per image. The flexible pricing model caters to businesses of all sizes, with additional enterprise and custom options available. EyeQ invites businesses to explore the transformative capabilities of Background Removal — you can learn more about the solution here or contact us at [email protected].

Source: EyeQ Imaging Inc

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