The 404 Pack: Black Light Ball – Big Gipp Beer & Mixtape Release

A Grand Finale Celebration for Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES , November 6, 2023 / — High Gravity Hip Hop, in collaboration with the legendary Big Gipp Goodie and Down Home Brewing, Georgia’s first Black-owned brewery, presents a spectacular event like no other – The 404 Pack Beer and Mixtape Release, a Black Light Sneaker Ball.

As part of the Hip Hop 50th Anniversary Grand Finale, this unforgettable event promises an evening of music, craft beer, and entertainment that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Guests are encouraged to don their finest formal attire with a preference for black tie and their favorite sneakers that will glow in the blacklight.

Date: Saturday, December 2, 2023

Time: 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Location: Down Home Brewing – 2316 Main Street, Suite K, Tucker, GA 30084

Ticket Options

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM: VIP Tasting with Gipp Tickets. For those looking to make the most of this special occasion, a limited number of VIP tickets are available, granting early access and a unique opportunity to taste Gipp Goodie’s beer alongside Gipp and the Brewmaster, Chris Reeves. Hosted by Jen Price of Crafted for Action, this VIP Tasting also includes appetizers and all items in the Gift Bag VIP Ticket (below). Only 25 of these VIP tickets are available, priced at $273 each.

7:00 PM – 11:00 PM: The Gift Bag VIP Tickets priced at $173, include a Commemorative Stainless Steel Stemless VIP Cup, 5 Drink Tickets, a Commemorative Cooler Backpack with a 4-pack of Gipp’s Beer, T-shirt, Autographed Beer Label, Zagga Sample, and many more goodies. There are only 75 of these tickets available.

General Admission Tickets are available for $73, and include a Commemorative Solo Cup and 5 Drink Tickets. Only 100 of these tickets are available.

Crafted Beer and More

This extraordinary event will feature a remarkable lineup of craft beers, including the special release by Gipp Goodie in partnership with Down Home Brewing. In addition, attendees will have access to over 22 beers from Down Home Brewing, Blue Tarp Brewing, and High Card Brewing, ensuring that there is something to satisfy every beer enthusiast’s palate. For those who prefer other beverages, a fully stocked bar at Local 7 Restaurant, accessible through the hallway (no need to step outside), will be at your service.

Beyond Craft Beer

The Black Light Ball isn’t just about craft beer. It’s a multi-sensory experience. Attendees can enjoy a Tuxedo Tailgate featuring The Atlanta Tailgate Lounge Bus, a minibike show, Zagga Juice Bar, and a heated Cigar Lounge. The atmosphere will be enhanced with a live DJ, live broadcast by According 2 Hip Hop, exciting Axe Throwing, delightful treats from Confectionist Bakery, and an exclusive VIP Lounge at Local 7 Restaurant.

A Grand Purpose

The primary purpose of The 404 Pack Series is to raise funds for the High Gravity Gardens Brewery project. The ultimate goal is to create a unique venue blending City Winery, Cirque du Soleil, and the Wu Tang Clan spirit, featuring a music venue beer hall with local Black-owned breweries. The collaboration of High Gravity Hip Hop, Down Home Brewing, Atlanta Beer Boutique, and Khonso Brewing seeks to expand to include 8-10 partner breweries. All profits generated from this event will be allocated towards the purchase of a facility or land to bring this vision to life in Georgia.

High Gravity Hip Hop, as the first and only hip hop beer festival in the world, has played a pivotal role in opening doors and creating opportunities for others within the Craft Beer Industry. Your support for this event directly contributes to making this dream a reality.

Join Us

Don’t miss this exceptional event, a grand finale to the Hip Hop 50th anniversary celebrations. Join us at The 404 Pack: Black Light Ball for an unforgettable night of craft beer, music, and celebration. Together, we can make a difference in the craft beer community and create something extraordinary.

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About High Gravity Hip Hop

High Gravity Hip Hop is a trailblazing organization that has redefined the intersection of hip hop culture and the craft beer industry. Their mission is to foster a sense of community while promoting and supporting local Black-owned breweries, musicians, and artists. Founded by Lenox Mercedes, MBA, in 2011.

About Down Home Brewing

Down Home Brewing is Georgia’s first Black-owned brewery, dedicated to producing high-quality craft beer and fostering a sense of camaraderie and inclusion within the craft beer community. Founded by Chris Reeves, who is a self-taught brewer and former professional motorcycle drag racer.

About Gipp Goodie

Gipp Goodie, a legendary figure in the world of hip hop, is a driving force behind the collaboration with Down Home Brewing, bringing his unique flavor and creativity to craft beer. Big Gipp, is an American rapper from Atlanta. He is best known for his work as a founding member of Goodie Mob and has gone on to release six studio albums. He is known for his slow, drawn-out rapping dialect with political and street-life themed lyrics. The public first heard him rap on Outkast’s debut album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, on the song “Git Up, Git Out”. Big Gipp and James Worthy released a collaborative EP entitled “Gipp N Worthy” February 17, 2023. The first single off the project is “TOTW”.

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