Spartan Music Unveils Eye-Opening Insights on Guitar Pedal Buying Trends in New Questionnaire Results

Questionnaire’s findings have been published in a blog post on the Spartan Music website.

MANCHESTER, GREATER MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, October 23, 2023 / — Spartan Music, a leading provider of audio & guitar pedals, has recently conducted a questionnaire to examine the current state of the guitar pedal market. With resounding participation from their esteemed customers, the survey uncovered intriguing revelations about the impact of the cost of living on purchase decisions and the buying habits of younger guitar enthusiasts.

In an effort to better understand the evolving landscape of the guitar pedal market, Spartan Music devised a series of thought-provoking questions. The results collected shed light on the sentiment and preferences of their customers, allowing for valuable insights into market trends.

60% of respondents shared that the rising cost of living has significantly influenced their guitar pedal purchases. This finding highlights the importance of affordability and the financial pressures that consumers face in today’s economy. In addition, the survey revealed a surprising statistic – only 2% of respondents under the age of 25 actively purchased guitar pedals. This observation presents an opportunity for Spartan Music to explore new strategies that cater to younger demographics, ensuring continued growth and relevance for their brand.

Commenting on the questionnaire results, Mark Jackson, the Director of Spartan Music, said, “We are grateful to our customers for their participation in this survey, which has greatly contributed to our understanding of the guitar pedal market. The insights gained will serve as a foundation for our future endeavours, enabling us to better meet the evolving needs of our customer base.”

The questionnaire’s findings, along with seven other intriguing discoveries, have been published in a blog post on the Spartan Music website. Guitar enthusiasts, industry professionals, and music lovers alike are encouraged to visit to explore the full report.

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