New Music Alert North Side, South Side from American Alt Prog Rockers Nraakors
New Music Alert North Side, South Side from American Alt Prog Rockers Nraakors

Nraakors North Side, South Side

North Side, South Side Out Now

Track Title: North Side, South Side
Genre: Jazz / Rock
Launch Date: 1st July 2024
ISRC Code: USDY42192137

IOWA, USA, July 2, 2024 / — North Side, South Side, the latest song/video release from the Nraakors Project album HOPPEL POPPEL, is a fun, jazzy, bluesy instrumental piece that will have you boppin’ and movin’ like the delightful choreography from Lovar Davis Kidd.

Inspired by the Blues traditions of Chicago, this is a celebration of the wonderful energy and intensity of a great city that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s driving, driving, driving, like the traffic and congestion of cars and the ‘Ell’, the poppin’ notes of Jonathon Wilson on sax, the hoppin’ beat of Steve Swyers on drums. Guitar and bass riffs from Joseph Norman and Joey Kramer playfully weave in and out of the traffic, adding texture and color, fun and adventure. The dancers revel in the movement of the moment, in sync with the music and one another, a shared festival of expression. The energy and sheer joy of the piece is undeniable.

Jim Kasper, Joseph Norman, and Gigi Macabre came together to form the Nraakors Project, their vision a vehicle for sharing the artistic talents of other musical, performance, and visual artists. North Side, South Side is the perfect example of what that means, showcasing dance, choreography, video, and musical performance beyond the scope of the original three members. They’ve made a creative space for others to explore and fill, and invite you to stop in and enjoy the results.

Be sure to sample the other tracks from their debut album HOPPEL POPPEL on their YouTube channel.

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North Side, South Side from the album Hoppel Poppel by nraakors

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