Nathan Applegate Releases New Single “Ozark Mountain Night”

Branson, MO Native Pays Tribute to Ozark Roots

BRANSON, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2024 / — Nathan Applegate, the rising country music star originally from the heart of the Ozark entertainment mecca of Branson, Missouri, has just released his highly anticipated new single “Ozark Mountain Night” today, June 21, 2024. Now based in Nashville, TN, Nathan wrote the song as a tribute to his deep roots in the Ozark Mountain region and his profound love for its rich cultural heritage.

Applegate, whose musical pedigree includes his legendary grandmother LaVergne Haines of “The Shepherd of the Hills” Outdoor Drama fame, has been honing his craft from a young age. From early performances at Silver Dollar City to starring roles in Branson shows like “Clay Cooper’s Country Express” and “Hot Rods and High Heels,” he has consistently captivated audiences with his undeniable talent and stage presence.

Applegate’s “Ozark Mountain Night” serves as a melodic love letter to his Ozark Mountain home. The single was created in collaboration with a Grammy-nominated producer renowned for their work with country music icons.

For Applegate, this musical journey transcends personal ambition. In his own words, “This pursuit is an extension of Ozark Mountain Hospitality, a commitment to creating scholarships, building educational venues, and offering an outlet for aspiring talents.”

With “Ozark Mountain Night,” Applegate aims to establish a lasting legacy that resonates through generations, using his music to give back to the community that shaped him.

The highly anticipated single is a melodious celebration of the Ozark Mountain region’s rich cultural tapestry. Applegate’s soulful vocals and the song’s evocative lyrics are set to transport listeners to the heart of the Ozarks, capturing the essence of its natural beauty, hospitality, and enduring spirit.

Throughout his career, Nathan has continued to captivate audiences with a succession of singles, each a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft. Each song unveils a mere fraction of the musical brilliance awaiting the world.

In his own words, Nathan declares, “I find myself at the crossroads of a pursuit that transcends personal ambitions. This journey, as grand as it may seem, is rooted in a deeper purpose – a dedication to giving back to my roots, my people. It’s not merely about self-expression for me. It’s about the audience, those who grant me the privilege of providing a moment of escapism through music.”

“Ozark Mountain Night” is now available across all major streaming platforms, offering a musical journey through the heart of the Ozarks and the soul of one of its most promising talents.

Click here to stream “Ozark Mountain Night” on all platforms.

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