Mondo.NYC Announces Full Schedule for 8th Annual Music and Tech Conference & Showcase Festival on October 10-13

It’s hard to believe we’re entering our eighth year of Mondo.NYC and continuing to foster this incredible community of music industry professionals and artists.”

— Bobby Haber and Joanne Abbot Green, Co-Founders of Mondo.NYC

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2023 / — Final agenda includes:

• First-ever SingularityNET AI Hub

• SoundExchange ‘The Music Tech Generation’ series

• 8th annual ‘RIAA Presents’ music policy series

• 7th annual CLE Music & Tech Law Symposium

• 6th annual Guild of Music Supervisors NYC Education Event

• 5th annual Covington Presents Getting Physical with Music Tech series

• 4th annual Future of Music Creation & Production series curated by Daniel Rowland

• Tracks covering AI, finance and investment, data, live entertainment, management, and much more

• Live artist showcases featuring Joe Sumner, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Zada, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, and more

Mondo.NYC, the annual global business summit and showcase music festival held in New York City from October 10-13, announced today the full agenda for its 2023 conference at the Arlo Williamsburg (previously known as The Williamsburg Hotel) in Brooklyn, NY. The event will also include showcases from over 35 artists from around the world, both in-person at venues throughout New York City and online at the Mondo.NYC YouTube channel.

The full 2023 Mondo.NYC conference schedule includes the first-ever AI Hub program, presented by SingularityNET, which will be held on October 10th starting at 9:30am in the Arlo Williamsburg’s iconic water tower. The day will feature a variety of sessions addressing everything from Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) to AI’s impact on music licensing, the blockchain, and more. The program will wrap with a cocktail party and performance from the band Desdemona’s Dream, featuring lead singer Desi the robot, at Drom from 7:30-11pm. More info can be found at

Meanwhile, on the afternoon of October 10th in the Grand Ballroom starting at 2pm, SoundExchange will present “The Music Tech Generation,” a panel track that focuses on opportunities tech can provide for the industry to meet creators where they are, reduce friction in payments, empower the next generation to create and distribute music in new ways, and explore how these new ways of doing business impact revenue and monetization models. It will be headlined by a fireside chat between Michael Huppe (President & Chief Executive Officer, SoundExchange) and Bob McLynn (Co-Founder & Partner, CRUSH MUSIC) discussing the technology that is shaping the future of music, how things are changing, and how one thing will never change – the artist being at the center of it all.

Beyond the AI Hub program, Mondo.NYC will also host 10 additional sessions throughout the conference on the most important topics and trends in the AI and music space, including AI sourcing, ethics, AI artists, creator tools, using AI safely, and AI’s opportunities and challenges. More info on this track can be found at

Another conference-spanning track will cover finance and investment, with 12 sessions meant to help artists and their teams — including business managers, publishers, lawyers, accountants, and more — get the information they need to make the most money from their work. Attendees will get a first look at DiMA and MusicWatch’s “Living the Stream” report, a new consumer study that examines what brought listeners to streaming, their thoughts on the experience, and what opportunities the future might hold. In addition, Willard Ahdritz (Chairman & Founder, Kobalt Music) will sit for a keynote conversation with Jem Aswad (Executive Music Editor, Variety).

The RIAA will curate an afternoon of music policy sessions on October 11th in the Grand Ballroom, kicking off at 2pm with the 8th annual “Everything You Need to Know About Music Policy in One Hour” panel, a crash course in the latest industry news from Capitol Hill hosted by Mitch Glazier (Chairman & CEO, RIAA) and featuring panelists Emily Chapuis (Deputy General Counsel, U.S. Copyright Office), Joshua P. Friedlander (SVP Research & Economics, RIAA), Josh Hurvitz (Head of Advocacy, A2IM & Partner, NVG), and Tyler Grimm (Chief Counsel for Policy & Strategy, U.S. House of Representatives, Judiciary Committee). Additional sessions will tackle how humans and technology can responsibly co-exist, investment and opportunities for marginalized communities in the live music scene featuring Fitz and the Tantrums vocalist and Diversify the Stage Founder Noelle Scaggs, and end with a fireside chat between Glazier and Jason Peterson (GoDigital Media Group Founder & CEO). More info can be found at

Those interested in the “Future of Music Creation & Production” can also take in a series of sessions on the subject on October 11th in the Mirror Bar starting at 2pm. Curated by Daniel Rowland (Head of Partnerships & Strategy for LANDR), the track will focus on the proliferation of AI in the production space, analyzing the broad impact of this and other cutting-edge technology on the music creation and distribution process — from creator collaboration to the re-imagination of the listener experience. Specific topics will include the future of AI-native creator tools, artists utilizing AI models of their sound and likeness for fan engagement, the benefits of collaboration and gamification in music production, and how AI tools are trained for specific artists. More info can be found at

Mondo.NYC will also host the sixth annual Guild of Music Supervisors (GMS) NYC Education Event on October 12th starting at 9am in the Grand Ballroom with a breakfast hosted by Clio Music. This year’s GMS panels include discussions on licensing music for video games, creating brand anthems, creating custom music for sync, and multiple music supervision panels. It will end with a Meet the Creators Mixer presented by Grayson Music Group. More info can be found at

Mondo.NYC will wrap with the 7th annual CLE Music & Tech Law Symposium on October 13 in the Grand Ballroom starting with breakfast at 8am. The event will consist of a full day of panels and discussions tackling hot topics such as generative AI; piracy and streaming fraud; the Metaverse; recent litigations involving artists such as Ed Sheeran, Post Malone, Dua Lipa, Childish Gambino, and Eminem; the challenges around fractional rights; touring; and ethical issues. More info can be found at

Each night, live music from Mondo’s yearly showcase festival will take over venues throughout NYC and Brooklyn, including The Knitting Factory at Baker Falls, Drom, Heaven Can Wait, Pianos, and the Brooklyn Bowl. Over 35 artists are confirmed for the always-eclectic global music lineup including Joe Sumner, son of legendary musician Sting; Sublime offshoot Long Beach Dub Allstars; Ethiopia-born, Canada-based artist Zada, who will be making her U.S. debut; 24-year-old GRAMMY-winning blues guitarist Christone “Kingfish” Ingram; and much more. More info on the live showcases can be found at Mondo badge holders are granted complimentary access to its showcases; individual tickets are also available for purchase. In addition, Mondo will present its online Music Discovery Showcase on October 10-11 via its YouTube channel at

In a joint statement, Mondo.NYC’s co-founders Bobby Haber and Joanne Abbot Green said, “It’s hard to believe we’re entering our eighth year of Mondo.NYC and continuing to foster this incredible community of music industry professionals and artists. We’re thrilled to see everyone again in Williamsburg and at our showcase venues across NYC to gather and discuss meaningful change and industry evolutions throughout the last year and in the years to come.”

Full Mondo.NYC Panel and Showcase Schedule

Tuesday, October 10

The Business of Music 1: State of the Industry + Music Tech Day

● 9am: See Tickets Mondo 2023 Welcome Breakfast

● 10am: The State of the Music Business

● 11am: Industry Changes: From Selling Songs To Buying Services

● 11am: Common Pitfalls in Leveraging Your Music Catalog and How to Maintain Ongoing Cash Flow

● 12pm: A Conversation with Kobalt Chairman & Founder Willard Ahdritz

● 1pm: AI: Opportunity or Apocalypse

● 1pm: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Fan Base?

● 3pm: Days of Future Passed: Disruptive Technologies and the Music Industry

● 4pm: Sync Re:Defined – Re:Designed – Re:Imagined

● 5pm: Sales, Music & Conferencing!

SoundExchange Presents The Music Tech Generation Panel Track, Grand Ballroom

● 2pm: The Future of the Music Business with SoundExchange President & CEO Michael Huppe and Crush Music co-founder and partner Bob McLynn

● 3pm: Breaking the Mold: Business Models of the Future

● 4pm: Stop the Scammers: Streaming and Royalty Fraud Prevention

● 5pm: A Whole New Ecosystem: Creating & Releasing New Music with AI

● 6pm: Opening Night Reception & Celebration Presented by SoundExchange

SingularityNET Presents The AI Hub, Water Tower

● 9:30am: Welcome: Artificial General Intelligence is Coming for Music — For Better or Worse (or Both)

● 10am: Making Sure the AGI Revolution is Beneficial for Musicians and Their Fans

● 11:15am: How to Manufacture a Popstar in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

● 11:45am: Like a Wasp

● 12:15pm: Jamming Lunch!

● 1:15pm: AI in Music Licensing: How Independent Artists can Use Incantio for AI Recommendations?

● 1:45pm: Jam Galaxy Presents: AI in Music with Blockchain — Revolutionizing the Music Economy

● 2:15pm: AI Think Tank

● 3:30pm: Using AI to Support Your Daily Hustle

● 4pm: AI generated Music vs. Human: Can we Tell the Difference?

Tuesday Showcases

Venue: The Knitting Factory at Baker Falls

Tickets: Click Here

● 8:30 PM – Abbie Roper

● 9:15 PM – Olivia Hellman

● 10:00 PM – Specialists

● 10:45 PM – Private Browsing

● 11:30 PM – Paytra

Venue: Drom

Tickets: Click Here

● 8:30 PM – Desdemona’s Dream

Tuesday Music Discovery Showcase

Watch: Mondo.NYC YouTube Channel

• Adriana

• Coiote

• Xeven

• Farrow Band

• Emmrose

• Lina Maxine

• Itchy Worms

Wednesday, October 11

The Business of Music 2: Policy/Finance/Investment + AI + Music Creation & Production

● 10am Building a Long Term Career in a World of Short Attention Spans

● 11am A Fireside Chat: Xavier “X” Jernigan, The Voice of Spotify DJ & NYU’s Larry Miller

● 12pm: Beyond the AI Boogeyman: Trust & Safety in the Modern Music Industry

● 1pm: DiMA & MusicWatch Present: Living The Stream Consumer Study

● 1pm: Why NFTs are Not Dead and Don’t Suck

● 1pm: Downtown Hosts Lunch @ Mondo

RIAA Presents Issues Facing the Modern Music Business in 2023, Grand Ballroom

● 2pm: RIAA 2023: Everything You Need to Know About Music Policy

● 3:30pm: RIAA 2023: The End of Reality: AI and the Future of Music…

● 4:30pm: RIAA 2023: Diversifying the Stage

● 5:30pm: RIAA 2023: Fireside Chat with GoDigital CEO Jason Peterson & RIAA CEO Mitch Glazier

● 6pm: Cocktail Party & Reception Presented by the RIAA & GoDigital

Covington Presents Getting Physical with Music Tech, Mirror Bar

● 10am: Back to the Future: Tech Developments & the Future of Recording Technology

● 11am: Can You Hear Me Now? Developments in Consumer Audio Technology

● 12pm: AI and the Music Industry: A Fireside Chat

Future of Music Creation & Production, Mirror Bar

● 2pm: AI Alchemy: The Future of Creator Tools

● 3pm: The Artist as API: The Next Level of Fan Engagement

● 4pm: Social Creation: Music as Multiplayer

● 5pm: The Well-Trained Model: Ethically Sourced AI for Artists

Wednesday Showcases

Venue: Drom

Tickets: Click Here

● 7:00 PM – Elle Baez

● 7:45 PM – Matty Marz

● 8:30 PM – Amanda Ayala

● 9:15 PM – Zada

● 10:00 PM – Ashlynn Malia

Venue: Brooklyn Bowl

Tickets: Click Here

● Long Beach Dub Allstars

● Passafire

Wednesday Music Discovery Showcase

Watch: Mondo.NYC YouTube Channel

• Francois Clark

• Jay Rodriguez Sierra

• Lyubov Kay


• Tony Newbury

• Tanners

• Gregory Dillon

Thursday, October 12

Music Supervision + Music Tech 2 + Management + Data + Gaming

● Guild of Music Supervisors NYC Education Event, Mirror Bar

○ 9am: Clio Music Hosts Breakfast @ Mondo

○ 10am: Music Licensing for Video Games: Lucrative, Effective and Impactful

○ 11am: Crafting Brand Anthems: Music in Iconic Advertising

○ 1:45pm: Creating Custom Music For Sync: How Do Artists Get The Gigs?

○ 3pm: Through a Supervisor’s Eyes: Exploring the Editorial Process

○ 4pm: In the Trenches with the Supervisors Behind the Supervisors

○ 5pm: Music Supervision Film & TV Deep Dive with Stephanie Diaz-Matos

○ 6pm: Grayson Music Group Presents Meet The Creators Mixer

● 10am: Ahead of the Curve: Trendspotting & Data Analysis in Music Discovery

● 11am: Magnetize and Thrive in the Attention Economy

● 12pm: Unscrewing the Fans: Live Event Industry Changes on the Horizon

● 12pm: How Video Games Supercharge Artist Development

● 1pm: MMF-US & WIM Present: An Artist Management Masterclass

● 2pm: MMF-US & IMMF Present: Redefining the Global Business Model

● 3pm: Data Unbound: Unlocking Creative Potential through Transparency and Data Tools

● 4pm: Keychange US Presents: Raising the Bar in Music Tech by Women and Gender-Expansive Innovators

● 5pm: Mental Health in the Music Industry

Thursday Showcases

Venue: Heaven Can Wait

Tickets: Click Here

● 6:30 PM – Kr3wcial

● 7:00 PM – Santa Salut

● 7:35 PM – Dread Woo

● 8:10 PM – Tracy de Sa

● 8:45 PM – King KC

Venue: Brooklyn Bowl

Tickets: Click Here

● 8:00 PM – Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

Friday, October 13

Music & Tech Law Symposium, Grand Ballroom

● 8am: Breakfast

● 9am: Breaking Down the Tour: An Examination of the Artist’s Legal and Business Issues

● 10am: Piracy & Streaming Fraud in the Digital Music Era

● 11am: The Metaverse, NFTs, Web3 and the Music Industry: Where Are We Now?

● 12pm: Lunch

● 1pm: Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing: Hot Topics in Generative AI in the Music Industry from Neural Networks to Fake Drake

● 2pm: Thinking Out Loud: A Panel Discussion of Recent Music Litigations

● 3pm: Fractional Music Interests: Opportunities & Challenges

● 4pm: Ethical Considerations for Lawyers Navigating Sticky Situations

Live Music, Marketing, Streaming & the Independent Artist

● 10am: Barriers of Entry: International Artists and the U.S. Artist Visa Process

● 11am: Shain Shapiro Book Launch & In Conversation with UNDP Lorena Sander

● 12pm: Global Digital Streaming Continues its Meteoric Rise: Will Creators Get Their Rightful Share of the Pie

● 1pm: Build your Booking Network Through Creative Local Opportunities

● 2pm: Advanced Marketing: How Brands & Artists Can Use Data, AI & Storytelling to Create Impactful Partnerships

Friday Showcases

Venue: Pianos

Tickets: Click Here

● 6:00 PM – Gianna Alessi

● 6:40 PM – Krystofer Maison

● 7:20 PM – Brie Stoner

● 8:00 PM – Tanika Charles

● 8:40 PM – Joe Sumner

Registration for Mondo.NYC is available here.

About Mondo.NYC:

Mondo.NYC is an international festival and global business summit of and for music and tech industry insiders and innovators, emerging artists, and their fans. Mondo connects fans and creators in a shared mission of empowering artists and advancing ideas in an ever-changing music business and technology landscape. Founded in 2016 by Joanne Abbot Green and Bobby Haber, the event and its year-round content programming have brought together thousands of industry professionals, artists, and fans both in-person and online.

Please note all Mondo.NYC 2023 events are subject to change without notice.

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