Jordan García Pertuz, better known artistically as “El Yinker” Winner of the “New Figures” at the 2023 Luna Awards

Jordan Elias Garcia Pertuz – El Yinker

el yinker champeta at the 2023 luna awards

el yinker with his family at the 2023 luna awards

The Luna 2023 Award Winner El Yinker

The Luna 2023 Award Winner El Yinker

Jordan Elías García Pertuz better known artistically as “El Yinker” marks history at 2023 Luna Awards declaring himself the Winner of the “New Figures” category

BARRANQUILLA, ATLANTICO, COLOMBIA, December 4, 2023 / — The city of Barranquilla is buzzing with excitement as local artist “El Yinker” has been announced as the winner of the prestigious Luna 2023 Awards in the “new figures” category. This coveted award, founded by Ley Martín Orozco, recognizes outstanding talent in the arts and entertainment industry in Barranquilla. The recent success of El Yinker was a trend at the 2023 Carnival titled “La Vecina” which has propelled him to the top among the 11,642 artists who participated in this category.

His first name is Jordan Elias García Pertuz artistically known as “El Yinker”, was born in Barranquilla on August 3, 1994, is known for his unique blend of traditional and modern music, has been making waves in the local music scene for years. His passion for music and dedication to his craft have earned him a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. His recent success with “La Vecina” has solidified his position as one of the most promising artists in Barranquilla.

The Luna 2023 Awards, now in its twenty-three years, aims to recognize and celebrate the diverse talents in Barranquilla’s arts and entertainment industry. The “new figures” category specifically focuses on emerging artists who are making a significant impact in their respective fields. El Yinker win is a testament to his talent and hard work, and it is a proud moment for the city of Barranquilla.

El Yinker expressed his gratitude for the award, stating, “I am incredibly honored and humbled to receive this award. It is a dream come true for me, and I am grateful to Ley Martín Orozco and the Luna 2023 Awards for recognizing my work. This award is not just for me, but for all the artists in Barranquilla who are striving to make a mark in the industry.”

El Yinker win at the Luna 2023 Awards is a testament to the thriving arts and entertainment scene in Barranquilla. His success serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and a reminder of the city’s rich cultural heritage. As El Yinker continues to make waves in the music industry, the city of Barranquilla can proudly claim him as one of its own.

El Yinker has 12 years in the music industry, working hard to take his music to another level, and make himself known internationally as he has been doing years ago by singing other musical genres.

It is worth remembering that this talented young man has become recognized for his songs “La Vecina, Tú Eres La Mami, Corazón roto, Juguito de amor, among others”, and that today it has millions of views on all digital platforms and surpasses the more than 20 thousand followers on their social networks.

These awards were held in Barranquilla, Colombia, on November 28, 2023, and when the winner of the “New Figures” category was announced, the artist was doing a live broadcast through his Instagram account, and upon finding out that his name was the winner, he became nervous and full of happiness when he himself mentioned it live and in front of the spectators and television viewers.

El Yinker is the example of many young people in this region, showing that obstacles are part of the path and that they should not be an excuse to stop pursuing one’s dreams. More than 12 years ago, this young man from Barranquilla always dreamed of being a professional singer, but he could not achieve it despite the sacrifices made by him and his family. Then he came face to face with the music and another dream awakened in him. to become a global musical reference, a dream that has led him to give 200% more of himself and that today, thanks to the support of his region and his efforts, is coming to fruition.

El Yinker has been in the music industry for 12 years, working hard to take his music to another level, and making himself known internationally as he has been doing for years singing other musical genres. Currently this artist is a singer and composer of the “Champeta” genre (La Champeta is a Colombian musical genre, with social and cultural connotation. Culturally, it originated in the marginalized neighborhoods of Cartagena de Indias and musically in Afro-descendant areas. He is linked with the culture of the town of Palenque and influenced by genres of African origin. When Champeta ventured into the commercial world, it found its greatest dissemination platform in the picós (large sound systems born in Cartagena).1 Currently the genre has been expanding throughout the rest of the American countries.)

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“El Yinker” Ganador Premios Luna 2023 Categoría “Nuevas Figuras”

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