John Scher, Iconic Concert Promoter, Applauds the Justice Department’s Decision to Sue Live Nation
John Scher, Iconic Concert Promoter, Applauds the Justice Department’s Decision to Sue Live Nation

John Scher

John Scher says the detrimental effects of Live Nation’s monopoly on the live entertainment industry cannot be overstated and must end.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2024 / — John Scher, a titan in the concert promotion and business world, commends the Justice Department’s decision to take legal action against Live Nation for anti-trust violations. Live Nation dominates the live entertainment industry, limiting competition and pushing fans to pay high ticket prices. According to NPR, This battle has been brewing for a long time: music fans, performers, independent venues, and even members of Congress have united in their argument that Ticketmaster, which merged with Live Nation in 2010, has artificially driven ticket prices to absurd levels.

“The actions taken by the Justice Department are a long time coming. Live Nation changed the nature of concerts long ago when they merged with Ticket Master. This move by the justice department is a significant step in a major direction,” says Scher.

Scher contends that the violation of antitrust laws has significantly altered the industry’s landscape, leading to a monopolistic control by Live Nation. He argues that this dominance has created an unfair environment where artists, fans, ticket prices, and independent vendors have all suffered. According to Scher, artists are often at the mercy of Live Nation’s terms, which can limit their creative and financial freedom. Fans, on the other hand, face inflated ticket prices and reduced access to diverse live entertainment options. Additionally, non-Live Nation vendors struggle to compete in a market where one entity holds overwhelming power, stifling competition and innovation. Scher believes this monopolistic grip has persisted for too long and calls for immediate regulatory intervention, stressing the urgency to restore fairness and balance in the industry.

“As an individual promoter, I’m pleased this issue is finally being examined. For too long, the monopolistic practices in the ticketing industry have stifled competition and creativity. Independent promoters have struggled to secure fair opportunities in a market dominated by a single entity. This investigation brings hope to move toward a more equitable and transparent system where diverse voices and smaller players have a chance to thrive. It’s a crucial step towards restoring balance and fairness in the industry, benefiting artists, fans, and independent businesses alike,” Scher concludes.

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a robust background in the music industry. Proficient in music management, production management, music licensing, and theater. A strong business development professional who attended West Orange Mountain High School in New Jersey and Long Island University in Brooklyn. Notable achievements include producing or co-producing national tours for prominent artists such as the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, Leonard Cohen, Whitney Houston, Sarah Brightman, Family Values, Furthur Festival, and Down From the Mountain. Additionally, managed or co-managed acclaimed acts like Bob Weir, Allman Brothers Band, Lou Reed, Rusted Root, Vertical Horizon, Art Of Noise, Renaissance, Dave Edmunds, Art Garfunkel, and Simon and Garfunkel.

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