In response to new Artist-Centric royalty models, VoxFeed releases free tier to drive fan engagement

VoxFeed’s New Free Tier

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VoxFeed’s new free tier empowers artists to build fan communities and create viral content, bridging the gap in the artist-centric music industry.

VoxFeed is proud to have forged strong partnerships with major labels in the music industry, while also championing the cause of small independent artists.”

— Andy Kieffer

DOVER, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2023 / — VoxFeed, a leading player in the music technology marketing space, today released a free tier of its popular fan engagement platform. In a time when the music industry is shifting towards more artist-centric royalty distribution schemes, VoxFeed’s powerful tool promises to be a game-changer in helping artists thrive in this new era.

Recent developments within the music industry, including initiatives by streaming platforms like Deezer, major record labels such as Universal Music Group (UMG), and others, have shifted focus to providing accelerated royalty to artists who actively engage their fan base. Missing from these initiatives, however, are practical and actionable strategies for artists to achieve this goal. This is where VoxFeed’s latest release comes into play.

“VoxFeed is proud to have forged strong partnerships with major labels in the music industry, while also championing the cause of small independent artists. Our new free tier is a testament to our commitment to fostering an inclusive music ecosystem, where artists of all sizes can access the tools they need to engage their fan communities and thrive in a fan-centric world.” says Andy Kieffer, VoxFeed’s CEO.

VoxFeed’s new free tier equips artists with a unique set of tools to help them engage with their fans and collaboratively create and share TikTok, Instagram, and other social media content that promotes their music:

– Content Collaboration: VoxFeed facilitates the connection between artists and their fans, allowing them to collaborate on content. This not only strengthens the artist-fan relationship but also, by harnessing the creative potential of their extended fan base, increases the chances that this content will resonate with a broader audience.
– Viral Potential: As fans share content simultaneously, from different social accounts, but based on the same theme (a sing-along, or a dance move, for example) a viral seed is planted that is accelerated as successive waves of followers see and follow the trend. This trend is then further accelerated as social platforms’ recommendation engines note the trend and begin to promote the content to a broader audience.

To explore VoxFeed’s new free tier and learn more about how it can benefit artists, please visit VoxFeed’s Free Tier.

About VoxFeed:
VoxFeed is a music technology company dedicated to enhancing artists’ engagement with their fans. Their innovative platform empowers artists to create authentic content, build loyal fan communities, and reach new heights in their careers. Visit VoxFeed’s website to learn more about how VoxFeed is reshaping the music marketing landscape.

Andy Kieffer
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