HIP Video Promo Presents: Mrs. Henry releases brand new music video “Everybody Wants Love And Peace”
HIP Video Promo Presents: Mrs. Henry releases brand new music video “Everybody Wants Love And Peace”

Mrs. Henry drop funky new anthem “Everybody Wants Love And Peace” just in time for summer

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Carlos Quentin was a big, genial slugger who anchored the Padres lineup in the early teens — the smiling All-Star whose relaxed strength and easygoing personality reflected the city where he played. And here’s the San Diego native, swinging his bat in the buoyant clip for “Everybody Wants Peace And Love,” the newest single from the Southern Californian rock band Mrs. Henry.

Surely the six members of Mrs. Henry love their city. They’re demonstrating how deeply embedded they are in the public culture of their hometown. Through their explosive live act, relentless touring, and tireless support of other local artists, they’ve made themselves an indispensable part of the San Diego musical underground. The sextet is preparing to unleash Keep On Rising, a modern rock opera, on a scene that already sees Mrs. Henry as a rock and roll exemplar. “Everybody Wants Peace And Love” sets the tone for the show with an irresistible funk groove, a shouted chorus, sterling instrumental performances, and the optimism and positivity that the band’s growing fanbase has come to expect.

Carlos Quentin’s not the only San Diego notable in the video. Skateboard wizard Josh Rowe, longtime midday 91X deejay Hilary Doneux, stage actor and Steam Powered Giraffe frontman Bryan Barbarin, and other familiar faces shine under the California rays, too. They’re joined by the street dancers, beer brewers, photographers, bartenders, graffiti artists, crate diggers, surfers, and pizza slingers who make America’s eighth-largest city the inimitable place it is. No matter how much charisma director Edwin FrankO has packed into this sun-drenched clip, its real star is, undeniably, San Diego itself.

Director FrankO is a USC graduate with roots deep in the diverse and arts-forward neighborhood of Barrio Logan and the local hip-hop subculture. He’s as immersed in San Diego’s creative community as Mrs. Henry is, and his video for “Everybody Wants Peace And Love” is a whirlwind tour of one of the country’s most dynamic cities. That means (among other things) stops at Northern Pine Brewing, a lively beer hall mere blocks from the Pacific Ocean, Seven Grand, a lounge in hip North Park, and plenty of parks, sidewalks, and underpasses where breakdancers and aerosol sprayers can leave their imprint on the landscape. And wherever the camera goes, the sun follows. That’s San Diego: bright, irrepressible, brilliantly illuminated.

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