Dadmandog Launched Pre-order of “Take A Shower (Remastered),” an Old-school Soul Funk Issued by DDCAT Records

Dadmandog – Take A Shower (Remastered) Available for Pre-Sale on Tuesday, April 11

Dadmandog Logo

Dadmandog Logo

TOKYO, JAPAN, April 19, 2023/ — On Tuesday, April 11, Dadmandog has released “Take A Shower (Remastered),” the fifth single from the Dadmandog Digital “Reissue” Project, through DDCAT Records.

Take A Shower (Remastered):

Dadmandog is an anonymous funk project whose members’ names, number, and nationalities remain a mystery. Previously, they have released the singles, such as “In The Morning” and “You Should Know” on DDCAT Records.

“Take A Shower” is an old-school soul funk in the early 80’s testes. The album is scheduled for official release on Friday, May 12, and pre-orders are now available on the Bandcamp page. As a pre-order bonus, the title track “Take A Shower – Original Version” will be available prior to the official release.

“Take A Shower” sample music video:

Ahead of the release, a mashup with The Sugarhill Gang’s classic “Rapper’s Delight” was recently released on Dadmandog’s official Instagram account. The mashup, posted with the caption “What if the Sugarhill was a dog fan,” evokes the early days of hip-hop in a strange alternate universe, and has quickly become a hit with fans.

Along with the previous four releases, this is a must-listen for all “funkaholics”.

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Release information:

Dadmandog’s Dadmandog Digital “Reissue” Project Vol. 5

Take A Shower (Remastered) to be officially available on May 12, 2023


M1. Take A Shower – Original Version

M2. Take A Shower – Instrumental Version

M3. Take A Shower – Extended Version

Advance purchase privilege:

“Take A Shower (Remastered)” pre-sales started on Tuesday, April 11. As a purchase privilege, you can get “Take A Shower – Original Version” prior to the official release.

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Streaming services will be available from May 12 at the following links:

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Dadmandog Profile:

Dadmandog is an anonymous funk project that has been working under the theme of “Music for Every Funkaholic”. With “In The Morning (Remastered)” in the summer of 2021, they suddenly launched the Dadmandog Digital “Reissue” Project. The project has released (reissued) four releases by the end of last year.

The number of members, their names, nationalities, and all other information about the members are undisclosed. The songs are straightforward funk, with an essence of early 80s disco and soul funk, and there are rumors that their tracks are “unreleased recordings from the 80s” or a “digital remaster of undiscovered records that were rarely found in the market during the 80s,” but these are just speculations.

Is this “Take A Shower (Remastered)” literally a “reissue (remaster)” of existing songs in 80’s, or is it brand new funk that cleverly mimics the taste of the golden era of soul funk? Check them out to share what you think.

Previous releases by Dadmandog

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