Tik/Croc: social media horror film aims to be the next Cocaine Bear

A nature run amok horror film called Tik/Croc, about a crocodile’s rampage being broadcast on social media, is in the works


The “nature run amok” horror comedy Cocaine Bear got a lot of attention when it was released earlier this year, thanks to its title and concept. Now Film Mode Entertainment and Jaggi Entertainment are aiming to replicate the success of Cocaine Bear with their own “nature run amok” project, Tik/Croc! A press release notes that Tik/Croc is currently in development and will soon be moving into the pre-production phase. The project will also be presented to potential buyers at the upcoming American Film Market.

Scripted by Ryan Meharry and Yasmin Kassim, both of whom are actors and comedians, Tik/Croc has the following synopsis: An enormous crocodile makes headlines when its terrifying rampage is caught on social media. With the world’s eyes set on witnessing the beast in action, a local high school student, desperate for cash and fame, sets out on a dangerous mission to capture it all on her TikTok account.

Clay Epstein, President of Film Mode Entertainment and executive producer of Tik/Croc, provided the following statement: “We’re thrilled to be working with the prolific Jaggi Entertainment on TIK/CROC, a relevant and fresh take on a classic beloved genre, including the magic and mayhem that social media has brought to the world at large, and has been ingrained in so many of us. The film will also attract a new generation of fans evident by the hugely successful Cocaine Bear.

Steve Jaggi, CEO Jaggi Entertainment and producer of the film, added: “We’re excited to be taking this evolutionary step into the adventure/horror genre with TIK/CROC. Queensland, with its tropical landscape, is the perfect location to shoot a croc movie. Married with a modern twist on the genre courtesy of a great script by Yasmin Kassim and Ryan Meharry, we can’t wait to get started.

Kylie Pascoe is producing alongside Jaggi.

The press release points out that Jaggi Entertainment is coming off “a successful launch and run of their Netflix original Love is in the Air, which was the #2 most watched English language film globally on the platform upon its release.”

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