The Imaginary trailer finds Hayley Atwell, LeVar Burton, and more starring in a Studio Ghibli-like adventure that boggles the senses

In The Imaginary trailer, a young girl and her imaginary friend fight to survive their most epic adventure as a vile villain closes in.

With the release of films like John Krasinski’s IF, Blumhouse’s Imaginary, and even Ale de Jong’s 1991 comedy Drop Dead Fred, the power of imagination flows strongly throughout Hollywood. While each of the films mentioned above brings something different to the table, Yoshiyuki Momose’s (Ni No Kuni, Princess Mononoke, Tomorrow’s Leaves) latest animated feature, The Imaginary, hits differently. Studio Ponoc is proud to present The Imaginary trailer today, previewing an upcoming animated film to boggle the senses, stir emotions, and remind you of friends long forgotten.

Studio Ponoc‘s The Imaginary portrays the depths of humanity and creativity through the eyes of young Amanda and her imaginary companion, Rudger, a boy no one can see imagined by Amanda to share her thrilling make-believe adventures. But when Rudger, suddenly alone, arrives at The Town of Imaginaries, where forgotten Imaginaries live and find work, he faces a mysterious threat. Directed by renowned animator Yoshiyuki Momose (Spirited Away), The Imaginary is an unforgettable adventure of love, loss, and the healing power of imagination.

The Imaginary, trailer, Netflix
The Imaginary, trailer, Netflix
The Imaginary, trailer, Netflix

In addition to the film’s stunning visuals and impactful story, The Imaginary features an A-list cast of celebrity voices, including Louie Rudge-Buchanan (Rudger), Evie Kiszel (Amanda), Hayley Atwell (Lizzie), Sky Katz (Emily), Jeremy Swift (Mr Bunting), Kal Penn (Zinzan), LeVar Burton (The Old Dog), Jane Singer (Granny Downbeat), Ruby Barnhill (Aurora), Roger Craig Smith (Snowflake), and Courtenay Taylor (Cruncher-of-Bones), Miles Nibbe (John).

First-of-their-kind techniques of light and shadow heighten the groundbreaking hand-drawn animation of The ImaginaryThe Imaginary is based on the beloved and award-winning novel of the same name by A.F. Harrold and illustrated by Emily Gravett (Bloomsbury Publishing). Yoshiyuki Momose directs from a script by Yoshiaki Nishimura, Two-time Academy Award nominee (The Tale of The Princess KaguyaWhen Marnie Was There).

The Imaginary comes to Netflix on July 5, bringing a Studio Ghibli-like adventure home to animation enthusiasts or people simply looking to remember a time when their imaginations could run wild with limitless possibilities waiting around every corner of the mind. We’ll have more thoughts on this visually splendiferous and heartwarming animation tomorrow, so be sure to check back on Friday for our full review.

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