Richard Linklater would do School of Rock sequel under certain terms

Richard Linklater would be down to power up the amp for a School of Rock sequel, provided there is a real reason to do so.

For those about to rock…We encourage you to turn that amp down, because there has yet to be a guarantee that a sequel to School of Rock is taking the stage anytime soon. Now, director Richard Linklater isn’t against the idea –things just have to be right.

Speaking with UNILAD, Richard Linklater said of the potential for a School of Rock sequel, “It has been a long time. There was talk of it years ago but I’d love to work with Jack [Black] again. But there’s got to be a reason. There’s got to be something.” For what it’s worth, Linklater has worked with Black twice since: 2011’s Bernie and 2022’s Apollo 10 1⁄2: A Space Age Childhood. From there, he mentioned the Before movies, saying, “Don’t do it unless there’s an idea, the reason we did two Befores is there was a good idea screaming out, there’s something to express about this.”

On whether or not too much time has passed for people to truly care about a School of Rock sequel, Linklater said, “There’s another type of sequel I usually call the ‘victory lap sequel’. They’re usually out pretty quick, they’re economic, and everyone knows it…We’re way beyond that, so why would you do it unless there’s something specific to tell…There’s always a good idea to be had.” On such ideas, Black did say he would be down to play Dewey Finn again, so long as original writer Mike White was on board. But could he find the time with all that vacationing at the White Lotus?

While we wait for official news on whether or not a School of Rock sequel will ever happen, there have been reunions between the cast and similar celebrations of the movie. That seems like an easy enough launching point for a plot right there…although we know that Linklater, Black and White wouldn’t settle for something so simple.

Do you think there is a big enough audience to warrant a School of Rock sequel or has it just been too long? Let us know if it’s time to rock or not in the comments section below!

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