Mathematical! Adventure Time is returning with a movie and two new series from Cartoon Network Studios
Mathematical! Adventure Time is returning with a movie and two new series from Cartoon Network Studios

Mathematical! Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network Studios are teaming up for an Adventure Time movie and two new series!

Buuuuumps! According to a mathematical announcement from Warner Bros. Animation’s Annecy Animation Festival panel, Jake the Dog and Finn the Human will return to screens for more Adventure Time! Cartoon Network Studios is working on three new Adventure Time projects, including a movie and two new series! The creative team for the Adventure Time movie is out of this world, with Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, Over the Garden Wall co-creator Patrick McHale, and Adventure Time showrunner Adam Muto leading the charge.

In addition to the Adventure Time film, a series focusing on Finn’s childhood adventures called Adventure Time: Side Missions is in the works. The series takes us back to Finn’s youth when he dreamed of going on elaborate adventures with his best friend, Jake the Dog. Instead of creating another episodic epic, Adventure Time: Side Missions is a collection of standalone episodes featuring early incarnations of fan-favorite characters, including the misunderstood villain, The Ice King. Adventure Time artist Nate Cash is attached to the series.

Lastly, Adventure Time: Heyo BMO is a preschool series starring the adorable BMO. For the new series, BMO moves to a new neighborhood where new friends and challenges await. Adventure Time writer Adam Muto and storyboard artist Ashlyn Anstee joined the project aimed at young viewers.

Details about the Adventure Time movie remain a mystery. Still, fans will riot if the film doesn’t include classic Adventure Time characters like Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Earl of Lemongrab, Tree Trunks, Lumpy Space Princess, Flame Princess, Peppermint Butler, The Lich, Ricardio, Cake, Fionna, Cinnamon Bun, and more.

Created by Pendleton Ward and executive produced by Adam Muto, Adventure Time ran for nine seasons on Cartoon Network. During that time, the imaginative animated series had established itself as one of the most provocative animations of the past decade. In the Land of Ooo, the show centered around the misadventures of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. Together, the duo would explore worlds beyond our imagination, meeting a cast of endearing and deranged characters along the way. Often praised for its meaty subject matter, Adventure Time is notoriously known for pushing the boundaries of representation in animation. Let’s go!

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