Interviews: Casper Van Dien and Nicky Whelan talk about their Killer Gator movie, The Flood!

There’s just something about a killer animal film that can provide so much entertainment that it’s a shock we don’t get more of them. But there’s also an inherent schlockiness to them that makes it understandable. Outside of Jaws, there are few that are considered high art. So it’s easy to go into most with lower expectations and end up having a fun time with them. The Flood is a film that has its problems (check out my review HERE) but it’s the cast that makes it worth it. Casper Van Dien continues to be one of my favorite people to interview and Nicky Whelan managed to land herself on that list rather quickly. So join me for these really fun conversations as we get into some pretty shocking revelations of what went down on set in Bangkok.

The Flood plot:

After a massive hurricane floods Louisiana, it unleashes a threat even deadlier than the rising water level: a relentless horde of giant hungry alligators. When a group of in-transit prisoners and their security guards seek shelter in a local prison, they become prey for the flesh-eating attackers. To survive, the prisoners and guards must fight together, in this action-thriller packed with slithery scares and jaw-clenching suspense.

THE FLOOD will be available In Theaters, On Demand and Digital on July 14, 2023.

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