Could the Fast & Furious franchise make the leap to TV?

Could the Fast & Furious franchise make the leap to TV? NBCUniversal’s Donna Langley teases that it’s possible.

Last Updated on May 22, 2024

We’ve seen other big-screen franchises make the leap to TV over the years, but could Fast & Furious be next?

While speaking with Variety, NBCUniversal Studio group chairman and chief content officer Donna Langley teased the future of the Fast & Furious franchise, saying there’s “still gas in the tank” even after the Fast X sequel hits theaters in 2026. Where the franchise goes from there is unclear, but Langley said, “We may pivot another time and bring it back to the streets of L.A. and maybe make it a more intimate story.” After mentioning previous NBCUniversal shows based on movies, such as Pitch Perfect and Ted, Langley said, “Fast and Furious is a good one” for a potential future TV series.

Despite the Fast X sequel being billed as the franchise’s grand finale, I think we all know it will continue. Fast X director Louis Leterrier will return to direct the 11th installment, and he recently teased that pre-production is expected to kick off once he finishes work on his sci-fi horror movie 11817.It’s happening. It’s happening very, very soon,” Leterrier said. “I’m able to shoot a little horror movie this summer. I’m finishing my horror movie on September 15th, and I start Fast on September 16th.” He clarified that Fast and Furious 11 will start shooting in early 2025, saying, “It’s filming early next year, and it’s coming out in 2026, which will be, exactly to the day, 25 years since the first one came out.

We have seen the Fast & Furious franchise on the small screen before, as the animated Fast & Furious Spy Racers series lasted for six seasons on Netflix. There are certainly plenty of characters who could make appearances in a live-action Fast & Furious series, or it could focus on entirely new characters. The crazy races and high-octane action wouldn’t necessarily be diminished by a move to the small screen, as we’re certainly a long way from the era when television meant a far cheaper production. Some TV shows boast budgets to rival big screen productions these days, with hundreds of millions spent on a single season.

Would you like to see a live-action Fast & Furious TV series?

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