West Virginia Paramedics Honored in “Glad to do it!” Children’s Book by James Burd Brewster

Front cover of “EMT Morales – Deep Snow”

Photo of EMT Kristie Parrill and Paramedic Courtney, both in black pants and lavender EMS T-Shirts, standing in front of the ambulance they used during the rescue.  The ambulance is white with blue trim and markings.

EMT Kristie Parrill (L) Paramedic Courtney Turner (R), honored in “EMT Morales – Deep Snow” stand in front of the ambulance they used.

Photo of George Butts holding a certificate while stand along side Brian Costello.  George is wearing coveralls and Brian is wearing a dark suit and tie.n

Brain Costello (R), BCCEA EMS Executive Director presents George Butts (L), front-end loader operator, with a certificate of appreciation for participating in the rescue.

EMT Morales – Deep Snow credits Berkeley County EMT response which used an ambulance, Humvee, and Front-end Loader to get to a victim and to the hospital.

Paramedics, true public servants, deserve all the recognition they can get.”

— James Burd Brewster

POMFRET, MD, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Berkeley County first responders, Paramedic Courtney Turner and EMT Kristie Parrill, are honored in “EMT Morales – Deep Snow”, a children’s adventure book written by James Burd Brewster. Brewster will launch the book on May 24th, at a luncheon sponsored by the Berkeley County Emergency Ambulance Authority as part of National EMS Week (May 19-25) by presenting copies to Turner and Parrill. This heartwarming story not only captivates young readers, but also pays tribute to the heroic efforts of the Berkeley County Emergency Ambulance Authority (BCEAA) Paramedics from Glengary, WV.

In “EMT Morales – Deep Snow,” Morales and her partner, EMT Flynn, reenact a real-life emergency response performed by Turner and Parrill that occurred January 23, 2016 during Winter Storm Jonas, which covered the areas with almost four feet of snow. The paramedics had to use an ambulance, Humvee, and front-end loader to reach a victim’s house and transport him to the hospital. The book beautifully illustrates the challenges and determination of these paramedics, to reach a person in need.

The inspiration for “Deep Snow” came from W. Brian Costello, the BCEAAEMS Executive Director for EMT, who told Brewster the story. When Costello mentioned that George Butts, the operator of the front-end loader, was also EMT Parrill’s Grandfather, Brewster said he, “Loved the story” and would “Make it into a book.” Brewster writes the “Glad to do it!” series of books to honor the public service of firefighters, police officers, and EMTs. EMT Morales – Deep Snow honors Berkeley County Paramedics for their selfless service to the community. Said Brewster, “Paramedics are true public servants and deserve all the recognition they can get.” The book serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by first responders and the impact they have on the lives of those they serve.

“EMT Morales – Deep Snow” is not just a children’s book, but a testament to the commitment and dedication of the Berkeley County Paramedics to public service. It is a must-read for children and adults alike, as it teaches important lessons about courage, teamwork, and gratitude. Let us all join EMT Morales in honoring these unsung heroes and their life-saving efforts.

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