The Forgotten Ones Series Writer Confirms That Some Episodes Will Mirror True Abduction Stories.

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Writer/Executive Producer of the series “The Forgotten Ones” talks about how he hopes the series will shine a light on abduction crisis & hopefully save lives.

I think what is achieved is a show that will sit side by side with some of the best crime dramas on TV”

— Maurice W

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 23, 2023 / — A staggering 214,582 of Black Women and girls go missing every year on average. What’s even more concerning is that approximately 153,374 of these individuals are under the age of 18. Despite the gravity of the situation, the media and law enforcement tend to underreport and under-investigate these cases. It’s a disparity that has recently led to the enactment of the Ebony Alert law by Gavin Newsom in California.

To draw attention to this pressing issue, a new drama series titled “The Forgotten Ones” is in development. The series aims to shed light on the personal stories and broader societal implications of this crisis.

“I wanted to create a show that was honest in telling these stories as well as shining a light on this crisis that seemingly goes unmentioned, all while being as entertaining as we could make it. I think what is achieved is a show that will sit side by side with some of the best crime dramas on TV.  It’s definitely a character driven show and I think people will love these investigators and their own story arcs, but it’s the victims and their cases, which are embedded into the overall season story arc, that truly make the episodes jump off the screen. The show is designed to be emotional and will definitely pull on some heartstrings…and yes, not all stories have a happy resolution. If it did, it wouldn’t be honest. Hopefully season 1 is just the beginning, because we have several seasons plotted out and so many stories to tell.” said writer and executive producer Maurice W.

FORGOTTEN ONES is an original series that, while fictional, explores the dark truths of the abduction, vanishing, and human trafficking of Black and Brown Women and girls. The series has been described as a mixture of Law & Order: SVU/Law & Order:Organized Crime and Criminal Minds.”The Forgotten Ones” hopes to play a part in driving more awareness and instigating change for the countless Black and brown girls and women who have been overlooked for too long. In addition, at the end of each episode, actual missing women and girls will be featured.

The Forgotten Ones is schedule to air in the summer 2024

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