On World Stroke Day, Stroke Survivor & Author Terence Ang will be interviewed by NYC Big Book Award’s Gabby Olczak

Quotes about Terence Ang’s “Emerging From the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories”

More quotes about Terence Ang's "Emerging From the Dark: Stroke...The Untold Stories"

More quotes about Terence Ang’s “Emerging From the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories”

NYC Big Book Award 2023 Distinguished Favorite

NYC Big Book Award 2023 Distinguished Favorite

Author Terence Ang

Author Terence Ang

"Emerging From the Dark: Stroke...The Untold Stories" by Terence Ang

“Emerging From the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories” by Terence Ang

Terence Ang to share inspiration of how people post stroke can rebuild normality in their lives, be it as a survivor, a caregiver, or a healthcare professional.

I hope to continue empowering survivors of stroke, and through this book, initiate discussions on how we can offer additional support and solidarity to individuals on their path to recovery.”

— Terence Ang

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The NYC Big Book Award recognized Terence Ang’s “Emerging From the Dark…The Untold Stories” as a Distinguished Favorite in the Inspiration category.

The president Gabby Olczak of the New York City Big Book Award plans to interview Ang about his story and his work with others who have been affected by stroke. The interview will be released on World Stroke Day, October 29, 2023.

To encourage more people to understand the plight of stroke survivors and their caregivers, the “Emerging From the Dark: The Untold Stories” eBook is available at 99cents/Kindle Unlimited at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CHPJ92Q7 from October 18th to 25th.

​Emerging From the Dark…The Untold Stories by Terence Ang

Having a stroke can be a terrifying and life-changing experience. The sudden onset of symptoms can be disorienting and overwhelming, and the long road to recovery can be daunting.

Many people who have had a stroke are left with physical and cognitive impairments that can make it difficult to live a normal life. They may experience weakness, numbness, paralysis, difficulty speaking, or memory loss. These changes can make it challenging to perform everyday tasks, such as bathing, dressing, eating, and walking.

Despite the challenges, many people who have had a stroke are determined to recover and regain their independence. They may undergo physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy to improve their functional abilities. They may also need to make changes to their lifestyle, such as quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly.

The recovery process can be long and difficult, but it is possible to make a full or partial recovery. With hard work and determination, people who have had a stroke can rebuild their lives and return to a normal level of functioning.

The book “Emerging from the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories” is a collection of stories from people who have successfully recovered from strokes. These stories are inspiring and motivational, and they show that it is possible to overcome the challenges of stroke and live a full and meaningful life.

The book is a valuable resource for anyone who has been affected by stroke, whether as a survivor, a caregiver, or a healthcare professional. It provides hope and inspiration, and it shows that it is possible to thrive after a stroke.

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“Our team is honored to highlight the excellence and achievements of a diverse array of authors and publishers,” said awards sponsor Gabrielle Olczak. “Their work represents a commitment to excellence. It is our mission and privilege to continue to showcase their work on an international stage.”

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Learn more about Terence Ang and his work, visit https://www.gratefulsteps.sg/

About the Author

August 2020 marked a significant turning point for Terence Ang when he faced a life-changing stroke. At the time, he held a prominent position in Singapore’s largest electronics and home company, overseeing digital marketing and e-commerce. As a stroke survivor, Terence was determined to make a positive impact on someone’s life by sharing his own inspiring journey and offering a hopeful perspective while navigating the challenges of everyday life.

His debut book, “A Cry in the Dark,” eloquently chronicles his personal experience and struggles following the stroke.

Its launch garnered recognition, leading him to be invited as a speaker at the esteemed World Stroke Congress 2022 in Singapore. There, Terence shared invaluable insights on how health professionals played a crucial role in his recovery.

With his second book, Ang showcases the empowering stories and journeys of other stroke survivors, providing hope, inspiration, and support to those facing similar challenges. Through his writing, he continues to shine a light on the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Now, with Ang’s upcoming new release, “Strength in Motion, Dancing through Stroke Recovery”, he shows how exercise can make a major difference.

“Emerging From the Dark…The Untold Stories” has garnered a plethora of esteemed awards, including the illustrious Firebird Book Award for 2023, a top honor in the Non-Fiction category at the Hollywood Book Festival, Readers’ Favorite International Book Award for Biography, the NYC Big Book Award for Inspiration, and a coveted prize in the Short Stories category of the Global Book Awards. In addition to these accolades, the work has been named as a finalist for an array of distinguished recognitions, such as the Book of the Year Awards in the True Story category, the Global Book Awards for Non-Fiction, the Paris Book Festival in the Biography/Autobiography section, and the transformational memoirs category at the BookFest Book Awards.

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