New Mystery Novel “The Claim” Reveals the Merciless Business of Healthcare with a Thrilling Story

Lovers of mystery novels won’t get enough of Elisabeth Links’ intriguing plot around a vanished medical insurance agent in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US, November 12, 2023 / — Monasteria Press LLC is excited to announce the release of Dr. Elisabeth Link’s latest medical thriller, “The Claim”. This captivating novel transports readers to the near-future world of 2033, where they’ll unravel a gripping medical mystery set amidst the dynamic landscape of Silicon Valley.

In “The Claim,” Dr. Link explores ruthless practices within a profit-driven healthcare system, crafting a thought-provoking story that is sure to captivate audiences.

Readers follow the harrowing journey of Dr. Frida Ending, a young medical insurance agent who is abducted in San Francisco, California and vanishes without a trace. FBI investigations lead to a prominent hospital in Silicon Valley, where all pending insurance claims for children with cancer have been suddenly approved. Is Frida a victim or a villain? The sole witness is the parrot Caramba who keeps his beak shut.

Dr. Link’s masterful storytelling, combined with an intriguing plot and ingenious plot twists, keeps readers on the edge of their seats. With evocative descriptions and compelling characters, “The Claim” offers an immersive experience that is both thrilling and thought-provoking.

Dr. Elisabeth Link is a distinguished author with a passion for writing thought-provoking narratives that explore complex societal issues. Dr. Link is is a professor at Stanford University, Member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI, honor society for physician scientists) and Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biomedical Engineering (AIMBE, top 2% of biomedical engineers in the United States). Dr. Link is also member of the Pegasus Writers at Stanford, a group of physician-scientists who write creatively.

In addition to exploring hot topics in science and medicine through her mystery novels, Dr. Link uses her experience as a female professor to teach her readers how to stand up for themselves and others in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics/Medicine) environment.

Other books by Dr. Link include:

Who Killed Nia Johnes: Dr. Nia Johnes, a young researcher at Silicon Valley University of Evolutionary Computation (SUEC) has been murdered in cold blood. CIA Agent Dr. Annya Segond, SUEC’s radiologist Dr. Lili Pham, and FBI Agent Terrel Wright believe her research work on infectious diseases could have been the reason for her murder. Before they can make anything out of the few leads they have on the case, another researcher at SUEC narrowly escapes a shooting attack. With an assassin on the loose and not knowing who to trust, the three investigators must fight to save their lives and their careers as they race to uncover the shocking truth behind Nia’s death.

The Stolen Brain Chip. A fast-paced mystery novel with an educational twist. Newly developed brain chips, which can enhance a person’s brain capacity, are stolen. Thus begins a string of events that leaves fifteen people injured, five hospitalized and four dead. Dr. Lili Pham, Dr. Annya Segond, FBI agent Terrel Wright and FBI agent Angus Weber start a race against time to rescue a young student from a ruthless killer, retrieve the brain chips and prevent a bomb explosion on the University campus.

Dr. Link is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information above, or by email through [email protected]. All of her books are available at online book retailers and on the Monasteria Press website (

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