New Book, “Peace In Kind,” Offers a Profound Spiritual Journey for the Philippine Christian Community

Author Richard Parnes translates his delightful convergence of faith and heartfelt devotion into poetry.

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, June 9, 2023/ — A seasoned writer with over 50 years of writing experience, Richard Parnes crafts “Peace In Kind,” a collection of profound poetic expressions that intimately explore his relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Parnes hopes to extend this remarkable literary work to the Philippine Christian Community.

Parnes, who currently resides in Northern Virginia with his wife, Milagros, has dedicated his life to exploring the realms of metaphysics and Christianity. Having graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Theatre and later moving to California in the 1970s, the author’s writing portfolio encompasses two sci-fi/suspense genre books, along with numerous spiritual songs, which he has expertly crafted both the words and music. His passion for understanding the closest relationship with God and Jesus Christ has been significantly influenced by his Filipino wife and family, who have shown him the incredible fulfillment of a devout closeness to Jesus Christ within the context of a beautiful marriage.

“Peace In Kind” is a poetic masterpiece born out of Parnes’ deep connection with the divine. Originally written as over 50 pages of spiritual lyrics and music, Parnes made the courageous decision to convert them into a poetic style, allowing readers to focus solely on the profound words that emanate from the writer’s intimate conversations with God and Jesus Christ. It is a highly personal work that resonates from the depths of Parnes’ soul and heart.

Within the pages of “Peace In Kind,” readers will embark on an extraordinary spiritual journey, where they will be guided through the labyrinth of faith, love, and the pursuit of peace. Parnes’ words serve as a spiritual compass, leading readers to a deeper understanding of their own faith and a profound connection with the divine.

A compelling work that has touched the hearts of many, “Peace In Kind” has already garnered rave reviews even with its recent publication as of March 2023. S.A. Myles, captivated by Parnes’ gift of poetry, states, “What a beautiful book! The author Richard Parnes has been blessed by the father with the gift of poetry!” Similarly, Gregory P. Bain expresses his admiration for the author’s deep connection with the Holy Trinity, writing, “Finished the book. Totally enjoyed the book. Thoughtful and provocative. The author is close to the Holy Trinity in a special way.”

Propelled by his wife’s Filipino heritage, Parnes’ “Peace In Kind” is an invitation to experience the transformative power of spirituality, offering solace, hope, and inspiration to readers, especially within the Philippine Christian Community. It serves as a testament to the enduring strength of faith and the beauty that lies within the sacred relationship with God and Jesus Christ. With its powerful insights, “Peace In Kind” hopes to inspire and uplift countless individuals within the Philippine Christian Community.

A must-read for anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment, a deeper connection with God, and a profound sense of peace within their lives, Richard Parnes’ “Peace In Kind” is now available on Amazon and other major online bookstores retailers.

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