New Book Offers Insights into the Edge Data Center, an Underappreciated Component of the 5G Revolution

New book – The Edge Data Center: Building the Connected Future

Book discusses the nature the edge data center and its role in the growth of a multi-billion-dollar industry

CLEVELAND, OH, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2023/ — Hugh Taylor, a tech entrepreneur and author, today announced the release of his new book, The Edge Data Center: Building the Connected Future, which is being published by Business Expert Press. The book delves into the nature of edge data centers, which are miniature versions of the “hyperscale” data centers that power the Internet and cloud. These data centers, some of which are as small as refrigerators, are an underappreciated element of the coming edge computing and 5G revolutions. The book explains how they work and what it will take to make them successful.

Edge computing will require tens of thousands of edge data centers, many of them deployed in dense urban areas. Taylor draws on his more than two decades of experience in the enterprise technology field to discuss how this new type of data center will satisfy the overwhelming demand for lower latency, as billions of mobile devices require fast access to data.

“There’s a lot of great visionary thinking around edge computing, but the edge data center is where it will all actually happen,” explained Taylor. “My sense is that people don’t appreciate how difficult it will be to build and deploy the edge infrastructure that will be needed to power the 5G revolution and related technological trends. That’s the issue I address in the book.” Taylor also explores the challenges facing investors who need to understand how to be profitable at the edge.

The need for edge data centers is growing exponentially. Driven by 5G, connected vehicles, and industrial automation, the “edge economy,” is projected to reach $4.1 trillion by 2030. Investment in edge data centers is projected to exceed $140 billion by 2028.

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The author is CEO of Edge Site Partners, an edge computing venture. Taylor previously worked in the enterprise technology field for over 20 years, serving in executive roles at Microsoft, IBM, and venture-backed startups.


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