Incarcerated Author Offers Rational Perspective on Belief in God

What is Truth?

Author, T Hakanson

How do we find truth in a world that seems to have lost its way? Can logic and science coexist with faith?

In a world where skepticism and doubt often overshadow faith, T Hakanson’s new book, What is Truth?, emerges as a guide for those seeking clarity and conviction.”

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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, June 21, 2024 / — In a world where skepticism and doubt often overshadow faith, T Hakanson‘s new book, What is Truth?, emerges as a guide for those seeking clarity and conviction. The book addresses the challenges faced by Christians who struggle with questions from skeptics and their own uncertainties. Hakanson boldly tackles the claims of nonbelievers who argue that there is no scientific evidence supporting the existence of God or the reality of heaven and hell.

T Hakanson provides a convincing affirmation of God’s truth and the authenticity of Christianity. Drawing on logic, scientific principles, and the enduring truths of the Bible, Hakanson offers a reasoned foundation for steadfast belief in an Almighty God. This masterpiece serves as a critical resource for Christians navigating a world filled with misleading narratives. Moreover, it reaches out to those in search of meaning and truth in an era where moral boundaries are increasingly blurred.

Readers of What is Truth? will find their faith in God strengthened as they gain the tools to confront doubt and skepticism. Hakanson emphasizes the importance of aligning one’s mind and spirit to discern God’s plan for their lives. Through historical and biblical examples, the author illustrates how God’s presence is woven through history, offering reassurance that God is ever-present.

Hakanson’s journey to authorship is as inspiring as the message within his book. A carpenter by trade and a songwriter and musician by passion, Hakanson holds a degree in Network Management from NAU. His life experiences include honorable service in the US Army and extensive travels across Europe. However, it is his personal story of redemption that adds a deep dimension to his writing. Having written What is Truth? during his time in prison for a past crime from the late 1990s, Hakanson’s life testifies to the changing power of faith and forgiveness. He exemplifies that anyone, regardless of their past, can be remade through God’s grace by acknowledging their wrongs and choosing a new path.

Hakanson’s book is not just a reaffirmation of faith for believers but a guide for those yearning for truth in chaotic times. It reassures readers that turning to God and seeking forgiveness can lead to a holy life and the promise of eternal salvation. By integrating reason, faith, and personal testimony, What is Truth? provides a holistic approach to understanding and embracing the truth of God.

For more information or to contact the author, visit What is Truth? is assured to become an essential read for anyone looking to strengthen their faith or start on a journey towards discovering divine truth in a confusing world.

T Hakanson’s What is Truth? is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other leading bookstores worldwide. And don’t miss the opportunity to explore this enlightening work that bridges the gap between faith and reason, providing answers to some of life’s most earnest questions. Watch What is Truth? cinematic book trailer available on Youtube.

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