Gina Jones Partners with SuccessBooks® and Lisa Nichols to Co-Author the Inspirational Book, ‘Rise Up!’

Gina Jones

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, February 12, 2024 / — SuccessBooks® proudly announces the collaboration with Gina Jones as she embarks on a journey to co-author the anticipated book, Rise Up!, alongside a stellar team of authors, including the esteemed Lisa Nichols.

Rise Up! is sure to fuel readers’ inner fire with inspiring stories of courage and unwavering commitment. The official launch of this transformative book is slated for the Summer of 2024.

Gina Jones’ life has been a symphony of trials and triumphs, underscored by her enduring passion for writing, singing, and performing music. From a tender age of 9, Gina graced the stage, singing and playing bass in her family’s band, the Ozark Rhythm Aires. Despite her young years, her talent shone brightly, captivating audiences at fairs, festivals, and even Branson, Missouri.

Yet, Gina’s journey was beset by unimaginable challenges, including abuse, medical crises, and encounters with death. Her resilience, however, emerged as a beacon of hope when she found solace in her faith. Overcoming adversity, Gina transformed her narrative from victim to victor, embodying true beauty and reclaiming her identity.

Now a best-selling author with her book Madame of Music Row, Gina’s story resonates deeply with audiences worldwide. Accompanied by songs she composed for each chapter, her journey becomes a melodic symphony of resilience and redemption.

Despite the tragedies she endured, Gina radiates joy and purpose, sharing her transformative story on college campuses, in bookstores, and listening rooms, wherever hearts yearn for inspiration.
Gina’s narrative transcends boundaries, imparting wisdom, love, and grace to all who listen. Her mission is clear: to illuminate the path from victimhood to victory, affirming that with faith, hope, and resilience, all things are possible.

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SuccessBooks® is thrilled to welcome Gina Jones as a co-author for Rise Up! and eagerly anticipates the invaluable contributions she will bring to this transformative book. Stay tuned for Rise Up! and prepare to be inspired!

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