Christine McDonald Kicks Off Her Book Signing Tour in September


-, -, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2023 / — Businesses promote their products and services with extensive marketing campaigns, and artists aren’t different. Every time musicians release a new album, they rigorously tour to promote it to their audience and captivate their interest with live performances. Similarly, movie stars hit red carpet premieres in designer wear to promote their upcoming films. Authors don’t work in an audio or visual medium but also engage in creative marketing endeavors to promote their upcoming works.

Hence, writers often tour, hitting bookshop after bookshop to do book signings and live reading sessions.

Christine McDonald is a well-known author and poet who has developed a considerable reader base with her works. She frequently publishes eco-poetry that can be used for blog posts and newsletters. Readers particularly began noticing her after Christine released her poetry collection, ‘Where Everything Wild Has a Home, Wild Poems’ in December 2022.

The writer now has big plans for the future. Having recently written and published her first children’s book, ‘Just Imagine a More Beautiful World’, Christine will embark on a live reading and book signing tour in September. It starts on 9th September at the Moscow Book People bookshop and ends on 20th September at the Whitman County Library. In addition to promoting her children’s book, she will also promote her poetry and prose collection book, My Two Mothers.

In conversation, Christine shared, “I’m excited to go on a book signing and live reading tour and engage with my readers more intimately. I look forward to reading my works for an audience and witnessing their reactions to them in real-time. I’m also ecstatic to see how the demographic skews for my different works. I imagine a healthy mix of audience since younger readers might gravitate towards my children’s book while older ones might be more interested in my poetry collections.”

Those interested in attending Christine McDonald’s book signing events can learn more via the contact information below.

About Christine McDonald

Christine McDonald is an author and poet who steadily continues to grow her reader base and star as a literary phenomenon with each new publication.

Christine McDonald

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