Calvin Crick’s “Tears of the Ancients” Unveils Epic Adventure of Friendship, Destiny, and Dragons


Calvin Crick brings readers into the enchanting realm of South Bend, where dragons soar, elves whisper secrets, and destiny awaits in Tears of the Ancients: The Untold Story of Vidar, the True King of Vikings. Published under PageTurner Press and Media, this epic fantasy masterpiece delivers nonstop thrills from the first page to the last.

In the story, we follow the journey of Loot, a resilient orphan boy, as he navigates a world filled with magic and danger. Adopted by Viking foster parents, Loot’s kindhearted nature leads him to an unexpected encounter with Safrin, the daughter of the king and queen of their land. However, their growing friendship propels Loot into the treacherous embrace of the Smoking Mountains, where man-eating dragons reside.

Amidst the dangers of the dragon’s domain, Loot’s act of compassion towards a young dragon sparks a chain of events that change his destiny forever. Blessed with the power of the great dragons by the Queen herself, Loot embarks on a quest to protect his village and unveil the truth of his lineage.

Through Tears of the Ancients, Crick invites readers to experience a potentially thrilling read—full of exciting characters and surprising twists. Crick can keep readers hooked with action, suspense, and a journey of self-discovery. The story is a captivating blend of fantasy and adventure that will have you turning pages late into the night.

In its Reader’s Favorite editorial reviews, Maria Victoria Beltran describes the book as “an enjoyable read, with several twists and turns. In a comment, Essien Asian also remarks, “Calvin Crick does a lovely job of blending all the different aspects of this beautiful adventure to create a delightful reading experience worthy of my admiration.”

Whether you are a fantasy enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, Tears of the Ancients: The Untold Story of Vidar, the True King of Vikings is wonderful read that may truly be worth your time. Available in paperback and e-book format, you can purchase this book at

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