Bestselling Author Shares Insights on Customer Experience
Bestselling Author Shares Insights on Customer Experience

Connected CX & Xraised

Clare White, CEO of Connected CX, and bestselling author, shares 25 years of expertise in solving business problems and driving growth.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 4, 2024 / — Xraised, a premier platform providing valuable insights into the latest trends and triumphs of entrepreneurship, recently featured an exclusive interview with Clare White, CEO and Founder of Connected CX. In the interview, Clare White, a bestselling business strategy author and consultant, shared her extensive experience and insights on customer and employee experience as key drivers of business growth.

Passion for People and Business Transformation

With over 25 years of leading diverse teams and solving critical business problems, Clare White has been instrumental in driving culture transformation and enhancing business performance through people-centric solutions. Her work focuses on improving both customer and employee experiences, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and inspiring teams for successful outcomes.

“Understanding the root cause of business problems and solving them with people-centric solutions is crucial for any organization looking to grow,” said Clare White during the interview. “Employee experience directly impacts customer experience, and in turn, this affects the overall success of the business.”

Role at Connected CX

As the CEO and Founder of Connected CX, Clare White has harnessed her extensive background in client relationship management and customer loyalty to create a company dedicated to improving customer experience (CX). Connected CX was founded with the mission of helping organizations enhance their customer’s experience and ultimately drive business growth.

“In an increasingly competitive market, customer experience has become the key differentiator that sets successful companies apart,” Clare White explained. “Research shows that organizations centered around customer experience are 60% more profitable than those that are not.”

Expertise in Customer Experience

Clare White’s expertise spans across CX strategy, customer promise development, measurement and metrics, and developing organizational customer-centricity. Holding a Professional Diploma in CX (CXAD dip) and being an active member of various CX communities, Clare White is at the forefront of sharing innovative ideas and the latest thinking in the field.

During the interview, Clare emphasized the importance of a comprehensive CX framework that includes customer strategy, CX foundations, and the continuous improvement of customer-centric practices within organizations.

Xraised: A Platform for Innovators

Xraised continues to be a significant platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders, offering a voice to founders driving innovation across the globe. By featuring experts like Clare White, Xraised provides its viewers with valuable insights into the latest trends and successful strategies in entrepreneurship.Xraised is dedicated to bringing viewers the most valuable insights into the latest trends and triumphs of entrepreneurship. The platform gives a voice to founders and business leaders who are driving innovation and making a significant impact across various industries worldwide.

About Connected CX

Connected CX, founded by Clare White, specializes in helping organizations improve their customer and employee experience to foster long-term business growth. With a focus on people-centric strategies and frameworks, Connected CX is dedicated to enhancing the experiences customers and employees encounter daily, ultimately boosting business performance.

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