Author Kimberly Workman’s Upcoming Project Reflects Upon Motherhood

Kimberly Workman

The writer aims to delve deep into the intricacies of motherhood.

UNITED STATES, October 23, 2023 / — Motherhood is a profound experience. It shapes how children grow up because they spend the most time and are greatly influenced by their mothers. However, like all things in life, motherhood has its ups and downs, and that’s what Kimberly Workman wants to focus on.

Kimberly is working on a new project, an honest reflection of motherhood and how a person’s upbringing and mental health influence their decisions and beliefs, directly impacting how they parent. Moreover, it’ll also discuss how an individual’s upbringing and mental health affect the parenting outcome.

Kimberly intends for her project to be poignant, sometimes funny, but ultimately completely honest. She’s writing it as an apology and thank you letter to her own children for all the ups and downs throughout the years.

This project’s publication will follow after Kimberly has published her children’s book, focusing on unconditional love and individualism. However, she aims for it to affect readers because it’s written with complete honesty.

In conversation, the writer shared, “Motherhood is a wonderful experience we’re lucky to undergo in our lives. It’s fulfilling, rewarding, and frightening. Bringing children to life and raising them is a unique experience that profoundly affects mothers. My goal was to write a book detailing the motherhood experience and journey. Moreover, I wanted to explore how one’s upbringing and mental health can affect one’s parenting style, intentions, and decisions as a mother. Let’s face it: We all have our baggage, and sometimes, we unintentionally bring this baggage to our children. I hope my honest take on motherhood resonates with readers because I’m baring my soul and approaching it with complete honesty.”

Those interested in following Kimberly can do so via the contact information below. Interested readers can also check out her upcoming memoir, A Promise to Leave.

About Kimberly Workman

Kimberly Workman is a devoted mother and wife who worked in mental and medical health facilities for over two decades before pursuing writing full-time.

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