Ann-Marie Emmanuel Achieves Best-Seller Status with “Rise Up!,” Co-Authored with Lisa Nichols
Ann-Marie Emmanuel Achieves Best-Seller Status with “Rise Up!,” Co-Authored with Lisa Nichols

Best Selling Author-Ann-Marie Emmanuel

DAVIE, FL, USA, May 31, 2024 / — SuccessBooks® proudly announces the remarkable achievement of Rise Up!, co-authored by Ann-Marie Emmanuel, renowned motivational speaker Lisa Nichols, and other leading professionals worldwide. The book, which launched on May 23, 2024, has reached Amazon Best-Seller status.

Rise Up! has swiftly captivated readers with its powerful collection of life-changing stories, illustrating triumph over extraordinary hardships and the courage to start anew. Since its launch, the book has climbed the Amazon best-sellers charts, securing notable rankings, including impressive placements in the Entrepreneurship and Motivational Leadership categories. Additionally, it has made its mark on the Motivation & Self Improvement and Personal Finance bestseller lists and ranked on nine New Release lists!

At the heart of Rise Up!’s success lies Ann-Marie’s chapter, “Love Yourself First.” Ann-Marie’s story resonates deeply, inspiring readers to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and hope.

Meet Ann-Marie Emmanuel:

Ann-Marie Emmanuel is a Trinidadian-American of multifaceted talents. She is a certified Relationship and Self-Love Coach, renowned author of three best-selling titles, and the visionary CEO of Passion Kairos, a thriving wellness and empowerment community dedicated to helping individuals live passionately and purposefully.

As the host of the Ann-Marie’s Impact Web Show, she showcases inspiring interviews with individuals who’ve defied incredible odds to transform from survival mode to the grandest vision of their lives through the power of self-love.

Emmanuel’s literary works, including MPower, Bloom Beauty, and RelationSHIFT, are fervent testaments to her mission of inspiring readers and clients worldwide to liberate themselves from the grip of their inner critic and design lives infused with compassion and consciousness. Her latest offering, RelationSHIFT, swiftly ascended to international bestseller status in multiple categories, marking yet another milestone in her journey of empowerment.

The Passion Kairos platform is an extension of Ann-Marie’s fervor for life and humanity, offering exclusive access to her signature transformative experiences, workshops, international retreats, and meditations.

A trailblazer driven by purpose, Ann-Marie Emmanuel exemplifies resilience in the face of adversity, inspiring countless others to follow suit. With over a decade of experience in lifestyle and transformational coaching, she stands as a beacon of empowerment, guiding thousands worldwide toward deeper connections and self-empowering choices.

Having trained under world-renowned motivational speakers Lisa Nichols and Suzie Carder, Ann-Marie Emmanuel is a distinguished member of The Path of Self Love School of teachers, spanning six continents. Her mentorship with Nichols and Carder has equipped her to facilitate radical transformations and instill unwavering confidence in individuals seeking to maximize their potential.

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