Adventures with God through Jail Ministry”

Jeff Treptow Chronicles His Remarkable 11-Year Journey Inside the Ventura County Jail System, Illuminating the Immensity of God’s Love and Power

UNITED STATES, September 12, 2023/ — Author and former assistant Chaplain, Jeff Treptow, proudly unveils his new work, “Eternity for a Mist: Adventures with God through Jail Ministry.” More than just an account of his experiences, this book is a testament to the boundless majesty of God and His power to change lives in the most unexpected places.

About the Book: A single thought during a Sunday service in Simi Valley set the course for an 11-year odyssey deep within the Ventura County jail system. “Eternity for a Mist” chronicles this journey, where Jeff was led by God to minister to myriad inmates. The book is a powerful blend of faith, hope, and the transformative power of God’s love. It showcases how both the author and the inmates collectively basked in the awe-inspiring glory of an omnipotent God.

About the Author: Jeff Treptow’s devotion to God saw him serving as an assistant Chaplain in the Ventura County jail system for over a decade, leading impactful ministry sessions during Sunday volunteer rotations. While his spiritual journey stands out, Jeff’s life is equally vibrant outside the ministry. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, he retired from the Aerospace industry after nearly four decades. Jeff’s interests span playing the guitar, refurbishing a 1956 Ford truck, paddle boarding adventures with his daughter Lauren, and maintaining an active lifestyle. He cherishes family moments with his wife Lora and their children Kyle, Lauren, Gregory, and Kirstie. As he embarks on a new chapter, Jeff is not only a corporate consultant but also continues to nurture a profound relationship with God.

When asked about the motivation behind the book, Jeff remarked, “The essence of ‘Eternity for a Mist’ is to magnify God’s phenomenal greatness and illustrate how His miraculous power shaped my life and those of the inmates during our Sunday church services in jail.”

Primary Message: Jeff’s narrative is a clarion call to recognize the awe-inducing magnificence of God. It serves as a reminder that by placing Him at the center of our lives, we can unlock unparalleled joy, inspiration, and love. Jeff’s hope is that readers will be stirred not to let their lives slip into oblivion but to harness their spiritual gifts to infuse hope and light into the world’s shadows.

“Eternity for a Mist: Adventures with God through Jail Ministry” is available for readers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Further details can be found on the official website (link to be provided).

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