A Xennial transcends abuse, trauma and the stigma of “Peter Pan syndrome” to defy destiny in New Book WANDERING SPARK

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Still struggling in high school, Kyle is arrested, facing jail, and forced to defend himself in court—altering the course of his life

Wandering Spark is a gripping, emotional self-reflecting page-turner exploring the depths of our human spirit, demonstrating our past struggles can be a catalyst to bring out the best in ourselves.”

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CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — At only four years old, Kyle Robinson’s life changes dramatically—a man he calls Big Bad Ben, or Triple B becomes his stepfather. Over the next decade, Kyle and his siblings live in terror daily, trying anything to escape his physical and emotional abuse.

With nobody to turn to, Kyle’s urge to escape reality leads him to unhealthy relationships, destructive habits, and multiple run-ins with the law. Still in high school, Kyle is arrested, facing jail, and forced to defend himself in court—altering the course of his life.

Wandering Spark is a portrayal of trauma, resilience, and self-discovery. Kyle’s story is a testament to the fact that redemption rarely takes a straight line. But Wandering Spark is not a conventional success story, and Kyle soon learns that finding fulfillment isn’t solely about racking up impressive accolades and impressing others. The spark flickering within him that kept him soldiering ahead against all odds is the same one that keeps him on the move, always looking for something more—from the Midwest to San Francisco to New York, and into the remote areas of the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

Wandering Spark is a raw, soul-searching portrait of a man finding his way, challenging what people are capable of no matter their past, and coming to the realization that a grand arrival to fulfillment is intangible. Instead, what matters most is our continued growth and appreciation for life as it unfolds along the way.

KYLE V ROBINSON is a graduate of Kent State University and Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. Kyle, currently, resides in Ohio with his dog Booker. You can find him running on trails and at kylevrobinson.com.

You can purchase Wandering Spark on Amazon or kylevrobinson.com.

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