21 interviews with top female musicians

Front cover of Fabulous Female Musicians by Sammy Stein

Fabulous Female Musicians sees 21 top musicians interviewed by author Sammy Stein. How they faced challenges, and dealt with disppaointment and success.

WOODBRIDGE, SUFFOLK, UNITED KINGDOM, September 7, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Female musicians have taken a back seat for decades. Fabulous Female Musicians shifts the spotlight onto 21 top female musicians and celebrates their inspirational stories.

From a diverse genre range – jazz, classical, folk, Indian raga, and more–, award-winning author Sammy Stein interviews musicians who have made significant contributions to the music industry. Fabulous Female Musicians takes readers on a journey through the remarkable lives of these extraordinary women. From the UK and Europe to the US, India to Azerbaijan, these women share their journeys, triumphs, and challenges.

Author Sammy Stein interviews Evie Asio, Jamie Baum, Simone Baron, Jeanie Barton, Brigitte Beraha, Anjelica Cleaver, Collette Cooper, Amina Figarova, Ruth Goller, China Moses, Destiny Muhammad, Maggie Nicols, Zoe Rahman, Ellen Rowe, Natasha Seale, Sara Serpa, Emma Smith, Leni Stern, Rachel Sutton, Charu Suri, and Emma Rawicz.

The women talk about the impact music has had on their lives and the passion they feel for it. They offer insights into being a working musician and how they have battled adversity, dealt with challenging issues, and managed their personal lives, parenthood, and relationships with fellow musicians. They also speak of the change in attitudes during recent years and the empowering aspect of music.

These trailblazers have broken down barriers and inspired countless others. Their stories are moving and inspiring. Discover how they found their instruments, overcame challenges, and embraced their musical passions.

Fabulous Female Musicians came about because Sammy Stein’s extensive jazz connections allowed her to speak to artists across musical landscapes, resulting in a book filled with intimate interviews, personal stories, and the emotions they feel for their genre of music within a rich tapestry of experiences.

Fabulous Female Musicians fearlessly tackles difficult topics female musicians face from sexual assault to confronting misogyny and bullying, the interviews shed light on obstacles artists have encountered and their resilience. The book raises awareness and serves as a platform for discussions surrounding gender equality in the music world. Yet, amidst the challenges and struggles, the musicians featured are positive and offer sound advice to those wanting to follow them into music as a career. These talented women share their unique perspectives.

Fabulous Female Musicians is a tribute to the remarkable women who have shaped the music industry, offering practical advice and valuable insights for those seeking to embark on musical journeys, making it an essential resource for music enthusiasts and aspiring artists.

About The Author:

Sammy Stein is the winner of the Phace Magazine Music Book of The Year Award 2020, won a Jazz Times Distaff Award, lister, and twice, she has been commissioned by the US Library of Congress to write about female musicians. Her books have received international acclaim for their honesty and integrity. Sammy is highly respected and has contributed to publications including Readers Digest, We Jazz Magazine, Pianist Magazine, Record Collector, and more. She is also a columnist for Something Else Reviews, Free Jazz Collective, and Platinum Mind.

Sammy curated a small festival in London that showcased UK, European, and US acts, has curated radio series, and recently took part in panel shows for Jazz FM. Her books include ‘All That’s Jazz’ (Tomahawk), ‘Women In Jazz’ (8th House), In Their Own Words (8th House), ‘Pause, Play, Repeat’, and ‘The Wonder of Jazz.’

Sammy’s passion is music and allowing musicians’ voices to be heard.

The book will be available from all good bookstores, including Foyles, Waterstones and Amazon

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